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League Rules Summary - Cornerstone Dynasty


  • League Name: Cornerstone Dynasty
  • Public/Private League: Private
  • Duplicate Player Allowance: Not Used
  • Scoring System: Head to Head (Rotisserie/Category Based) Single Win
  • Maximum # of teams: 30
  • League Creator Username: Lindric
  • Commissioner Team Name: Texas Rangers


  • Your league stats begin accumulating on: Mon Jun 25, 2012
  • Your league stats end accumulating on: Fri Sep 28, 2012
  • Merge first n periods of season: None
  • Merge last two periods of season: No
  • Scoring Period Interval: Daily
  • Use Playoffs: Yes

  • Playoffs
  • Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 69 (Sep 1/12 - Sep 1/12) and last for 28 periods (rounds).
  • Playoff matchups entered manually: Yes

  • * To view the playoff bracket, go to the Standings screen and click on the Playoffs tab.

Player Pool

  • Player Pool: All teams
  • Players traded out of league's player pool continue to accumulate stats: Yes
  • Only include players signed to a MLB team in the player pool: Yes
  • Lock Player Pool: No


  • Minimum Total Players: 20
  • Maximum Total Players: 60
  • Minimum Active Players: 12
  • Maximum Active Players: 17
  • Maximum Reserve Players: 15
  • Maximum Injury Reserve Players: 5
  • Maximum Minor League Players: 30
  • Prevent any transaction that would cause a roster to become illegal: Only for Total Max Players
  • Allow suspended players to be moved to Injured Reserve: No
  • Allow players on a bye week to be moved to Injured Reserve: No
  • Injured Reserve players count toward roster limitation rules: No
  • Only players on the MLB Disabled List may be moved to the Injured Reserve slot: Yes
  • Minor League players count toward roster limitation rules: Yes
  • Minor League Eligibility:
  • Condition


    Hitting: Career regular season total AB is <= 130 Must meet to be eligible
    Pitching: Career regular season total IP is <= 50 Must meet to be eligible
  • Injured Reserve Enforcement type: Make Roster Illegal
  • Number of Lineup Periods until Injured Reserve Enforcement takes effect: 3


Min Active

Max Active

Total Max

Min GP

Max GP

Catcher (C)



1st Base (1B)



2nd Base (2B)



3rd Base (3B)



Shortstop (SS)



Left Field (LF)



Center Field (CF)



Right Field (RF)



Utility (Any Hitter) (UT)



Starting Pitcher (SP)



Relief Pitcher (RP)



Pitcher (P)



Position Eligibility
  • Games needed from previous season for a player to qualify at a hitting position : 20
  • Games needed from current season for a player to qualify at a hitting position: 5
  • Starts needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a starter : 5
  • Starts needed from current season for a player to qualify as a starter : 3
  • Relief appearances needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a reliever : 8
  • Relief appearances needed from current season for a player to qualify as a reliever: 5
  • Use Fantrax's default position(s) even if player qualifies for at least one position based on above criteria: Yes
  • Note: If a player does not qualify for any positions based on the above selections, he will qualify at the position(s) played most in the previous season. If he did not play at all last season, then the default position(s) will be used.
Other Roster Preferences
  • Allow players to play at an ineligible position without making the roster illegal: No


Scoring Group

Scoring Category



Hits (H)



Home Runs (HR)



Runs Batted In (RBI)



Runs Scored (R)



Stolen Bases (SB)



Batting Average (Avg)



On Base + Slugging Percentage (OPS)



Holds (Hld)



Saves (Sv)



Strikeouts Pitched (K)



Wins (W)



Earned Run Average (ERA)



Strikeouts Pitched Per Walk (K/BB)





Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements per Scoring Period

Scoring Category



  • If a maximum has been met or exceeded: Do nothing.
  • If a minimum has not been met by end of scoring period: Do nothing.
Excluded Events (not scored)
  • Mar 28, 2012: SEA@OAK
  • Mar 29, 2012: SEA@OAK
Other Scoring Preferences
  • Players will always accumulate stats in all scoring category groups: No
  • Stat Correction Handling: All Official Scoring changes will be automatically reflected retroactively in your league's stats/scores/standings, regardless of when the stat corrections come in. Please note that it is not unusual for an Official Scoring change to be made several weeks after an event, or even more.


  • Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes
  • Lineup changes are executed: Daily
  • Lineup Changes are locked 0:05 (hours:minutes) Set amount of time before each player's scheduled game start time of the day
  • Trade System: Owners propose their own trades
  • Trading Period: All Year
  • Maximum Trades per Team: Unlimited
  • Trade Deadline Date: Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:59 PM EDT
  • Trade Voting System: Owners & commissioner
  • Days to Vote: 3
  • # of Objections Required: 50%
  • Claim/Drop Privileges: Owners perform their own claims & drops
  • Max # of claims per season: Unlimited
  • Max # of claims per week: ( Free Agents: Unlimited , Waiver Wire: 15 ) starting every Sunday
  • Use Waiver Wire process: Yes
  • Allow claims/drops before the draft: No
  • Can't drop list: Not Used
  • Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team
    Free Agents
  • Free Agent Claim System: Bidding
  • Free Agent bids are processed on: Monat3:00 am
  • Settle equal bids: Randomly
  • Free Agent Acquisition Budget: $1.5E8
  • Free Agent Bid Increment: $100000.00
  • Minimum Free Agent Bid: $500000.00
  • Winning FA bid becomes new salary: Yes
  • Show highest pending bids: Yes
  • Show team with highest pending bid: Yes
  • Waiver Wire
  • Priority order: Reverse Order of Standings (non-serpentine)
  • Rotate Waiver Wire Claim Order After Each Claim: Yes
  • Waiver Wire Claim Order Reset Days:
  • Waiver Wire Claim Order Reset Time: 1:00 am
  • Waiver Wire players are processed: After a selected # of Days
  • Waiver Wire claim processing time: 11:00 pm
  • # of days players remain on waivers for: 3
  • Pending claims/drops are viewable by: One's own team


  • Salary cap: $150,000,000
     View Salaries           Download Salaries
  • The following will count towards the team salary cap: Reserves   Injured Reserves   
  • When a team exceeds the salary cap: Do nothing
  • Default Free Agent Salary: $1,000,000
  • Minimum Player Salary $500,000
  • When a player is released to the Free Agent Pool, his salary: Remains the same
  • Default Waiver Wire Salary: $1000000.00
  • When a player is released to the Waiver Wire, his salary: Remains the same
  • Include players on teams when generating salaries: No


  • Contract Type: Automated
  • Initial contract duration (years): 4year(s)
  • Allow contract extensions: No
  • When a player becomes a Free Agent, his contract: Remains the Same
  • When a player goes to the Waiver Wire, his contract: Remains the Same
  • When a player is drafted, his contract: Changes to1st


  • Draft Type: Offline
  • Draft order type: Manual - Fixed (Non-Snake/Serpentine)
  • Draft order: Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Philadelphia Phillies, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins, San Francisco Giants, Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals
  • Undrafted players go to the: Waiver Wire


Tie Breakers
Standings Tie Breakers

1. Head-to-head record vs. team(s) tied with

2. Best division record for entire season

3. Most total rotisserie points for entire season

4. Least total rotisserie points against for entire season

Matchup Tie Breakers

1. None

Keeper League
  • Keepers are imported from a previous league by the Commissioner: No
  • Keeper league Type: Keeper
  • Maximum # of keepers per team: 40
  • League Entry: $2.00
  • Free Agent Claim: $0.00
  • Waiver Wire Claim: $0.00
  • Drop Player: $0.00
  • Activate Player: $0.00
  • Reserve Player: $0.00
  • Send Player to Injured Reserve: $0.00
  • Move Player from Injured Reserve: $0.00
  • Move Player from Minors: $0.00
  • Send Player to Minors: $0.00
  • Change Position of an Active Player: $0.00
  • Trade (flat): $0.00
  • Trade per Player Received: $0.00
  • Trade per Player Sent: $0.00
  • Illegal Roster (per period): $0.00
  • This league does not use prizes (or they have not been configured yet)

League Message



    At the end of 2012 all teams will keep a 40 man roster, ANY player signed to a contract with an MLB organization, not on a 40 man roster in the league will go into the 2013 preseason draft. All rules herein will go into effect following the 2013 preseason draft unless otherwise stated.



    Each team will have a 25 man active roster, 40 man roster, and 20 man minor league roster, making a total of 60 players.

    All players on the 25 man will accumulate stats, the remaining 15 spots on the 40 man are for reserves, they can be MLB players or Minor Leaguers. Their Salaries count against the cap.

    The 20 man Minor League roster will be for any man under the 130 AB/ 50 IP rookie eligibility limit, their salaries do not count against the cap.


    Team Finances

    This league has a $150M salary cap for 2013. Each year starting 2014 the cap will be reduced by $10m until reaching $120m in 2016. Teams aren’t allowed to go over cap; EVER.  Any transaction that puts a team over cap will be not be processed. For 2012 every owner has a soft cap, meaning there is no penalty for being over the cap.




    Player Salaries/ Contracts

    Actual 2012 salaries are used to start the system, with the minimum salary being $1m for any player on a roster.

      All players on the 40-man roster will be paid a salary.  Minor league players won’t be paid salaries until they are on your 40-man roster. However, their contracts will not kick in until surpassing the 130/50 limit.   Players under the 130/50 eligibility limit will have their salary changed to 500k at the time of their contracts being “rolled back” before the 2013 season.  Once a player reaches free agency in our league, his salary is determined based off bids.

      The contracts owners gave out to start our 2012 season will remain in place.


    Rookie Contracts/Service Time

    Minor League Eligibility plays a huge factor in a player’s rookie contract.  If a player does not surpass the minor league eligibility limit of 130 AB /50 IP in his career, his contract gets “Rolled Back” to 1st/500k before the beginning of each season.  His rookie contract will not go into effect until the season he passes this limit. Owners can keep prospects protected for as long as they want until passing the eligibility limit.  Owners will be responsible for posting any player on their team whose contract needs Rolled Back in the Prospect Rollback message thread.

    Free Agency 

    The offseason free agent period will start February 1.  The league Commissioner will release all free agent players to be bid on once the free agency period starts. Players will be remain free agents until the highest bid has stood for 48 hours. 

    All free agents may be bid on by any team (that can afford the offered contract).  The team that offers the contract with the highest total value for 48 consecutive hours will win the player.

    All contract offers must be between 1 and 4 years.  The minimum yearly salary for all players is $500k.  All free agent bids must be at least $100k more than the previous offer.  There will be no variable contracts in this league.  Each year of a contract must have the same salary amount.


    Total contract value, number of years, and salary per year must all be stated when making a bid.



     San Diego offers Elvis Andrus- 4 years $13M/year ($52M total)

    Arizona offers Elvis Andrus- 3 year $16M/year ($48M total)

    San Diego wins Elvis Andrus because they offered the highest total contract.



     A team will have the opportunity to extend any player whose contract is in 3rd status.  The only players that can be extended are players entering the next to last year of current their contract, and a player may only be extended 1 time.  No other player can be extended.   The following chart is to be used to determine the salary for the extended player based on current pay of player and the length of years which you wish to extend player for.


    You may sign extensions beginning August 1st Midnight of each season.


    The cutoff date for extending players currently eligible for extensions will be October  1 at midnight, which is midnight leading into the first. Any player that has not been extended will become a free agent when their current contract expires.


    .   Ranking will be determined by the higher of the 2 previous seasons ranking. To determine a players ranking go to the player page and select the following options...


    Position: All Hitters or All Pitchers

    Status/Team: All 

    Season: If its 2012, look at 2011 and 2010, If 2013, look 2012 and 2011, etc.

    Scoring Categories: Tracked


    Here is the ranking system:

    Ranked 1-25 they will get a $6M raise

    Ranked 26-50 they will get a $5M raise 

    Ranked 51-100 they will get a $4M raise

    Ranked 101- 200 they will get a $3M raise

    Ranked 201- 250 they will get a $2M raise

    Ranked 251-500 they will get a $1M raise

    Ranked 500+ they will get no raise



     If I wanted to extend Mike Napoli in 2012, I would have to give him a raise because he is ranked 41 in 2011 by our Fantrax scoring system. That means he gets a raise of $5M. He earned $9.4 in 2012, so when the extension goes into effect, his 2014 contract would be $14.4M annually for the life of the extension.


    .  Owners will be required to post which players they are extending, the player rankings for both years, and new salary on the Extensions message board.




    Restructuring Contracts 

    Because some MLB salaries are more than the player is worth, there will be a chance to restructure some contracts. Each team will have the chance to restructure the contract of up to 3 players, by February 1st 2013.  Owners must post in the Restructured Contracts message thread the players name, previous 2 season rankings and their new salary.


    A player can not be extended then promptly restructured. He can however be restructured and then extended.


    Determination on the salary of those players is set based on the higher ranking from the previous 2 years.

    $15.0 million         1-10

    $12.5 million         11-20

    $11.0 million         21-30

    $9.5 million          31-40

    $9.0 million          41-50

    $8.0 million          51-60

    $7.5 million          61-70

    $7.0 million          71-80

    $6.5 million          81-90

    $6.0 million            91-100

    $5.5 million          101-110

    $5 million             111-120

    $3.0 million          121-130

    $2.5 million          131-140

    $2.0 millio           141-150

    $1.5 million         151-160

    $1.0 million for all other players



    The formula used to determine a players rank:

    Position: All Hitters or  All Pitchers

    Status/Team: All

    Season: If its 2012, look at 2011 and 2010, If 2013, look 2012 and 2011, etc.

    Scoring Categories: Tracked



      Alex Rodriguez Arod, NYY currently makes $29.5 million per year, however you want to restructure.     If you were to restructure Arod’s contract today, you would take his 2010 and 2011 rankings.  .   ARod finished 39 among all hitters in 2010 and 189 in 2011.  You would then use the 2010 since it was higher.   Arod would then go from $29.5 to $9.5 million for the remainder of his current contract with you.   .



    New owner Restructures

    Each new owner is allowed to restructure 2 MLB player contracts upon arrival. This rule is intended to give the new owners more money to spend on their needs. Another reason is the previous owner could have signed a terrible player for a great amount of money. New Owners have within one month of the arrival to post contracts they want to restructure in the Restructured Contracts thread.



    Penalty for dropping players as follows

    If you waive a player then your cap will take the following hit:   100% of the current year and 50% of every year thereafter for the length of the contract.  



      I will use Joe Nathan who is on my team.   Now let’s say I waive him.   I can do that his current contract is:


    2012 $7m 

    2013 $7m

    Now If I waived him today then my penalty would be all of this year and then I would be on the hook for    3.5m in 2013   


    Players making $2 million or less per year will not have a penalty

    Minor league players will not have a penalty



    Players under contract that go to Japan

    If you have a player under contract and he leaves the states to play overseas then you will not be charged the penalty for waiving him.  

     When a team wants to release a player, they place them on Waiver.  Any team may claim the waived player.  The claiming team will pick up the remainder of that players contract.  If no one claims the waived player, he will promptly become a free agent and the waiving team will be responsible for the remainder of his contract. Once a player passes through waivers, the cap hit takes effect. The next contract he signs as a free agent will determine his new salary.


    2013 Preseason Draft

    Each team will designate up to 40 keepers at the conclusion of 2012. Players whose contracts are expiring (2012) and any player not kept on a 40 will go into the 2013 preseason draft. There is no penalty against the cap for any player dropped to get under the cap going into 2013. Salaries will remain the same, contracts become 1st for any player that is drafted. Upon the conclusion of the draft, players not drafted will become free agents and can be bid on. 

    Free Agency will take the place of the preseason draft starting 2014, and the only draft will be the Amatuer Draft at the conclusion of each season. 

    2012 is the only time a roster must be trimmed to 40 players , an owner may keep their full roster after 2013 other than expiring contracts.


    Amateur Draft

    The amateur draft will start October 1st each year starting 2013, and will be in reverse order of finish from the previous year. The draft will be for first year draftees and international signees from the previous season, and will last for 5 rounds. You may not go over the 60 player limit. An owner will have 24 hours to make his selection, and will receive an email from Fantrax when it’s his turn to select. If a selection is not made within the time limit, the owner may still pick, but will miss out on any player that was taken before his pick was made.  Any undrafted player goes into the free agency pool. The player pool will be locked upon conclusion of the draft to restrict new players from entering protecting the following years draft class from being picked up. Drafted players will receive a 1st contract worth 500k, which will not go into effect until surpassing the 75/35 limit.



    All trades are final; owners cannot change their mind later and cancel the trade. Accidents do happen however, and if the wrong proposal was accepted, Both owners need to email a commissioner of the league, so that the correct trade can be re-entered. 

    A new owner to the league is subject to a 7 day probationary period before being allowed to make trades. This is to allow the owner to get acclimated to the league settings, financials and feel out the market. It will also help prevent an owner from coming in making a few bad trades destorying the team, and leaving.


    Trade Review


    All trades are subject to a 50% league vote, with a 4 team trade review committee. If a trade is vetoed by the league, 3 of the 4 committee members have to veto it for the trade to be rejected. 

     Teams involved in a trade must post their trade in the Trade Review thread. The post must include the players involved, and  reasoning behind making the trade. This will give the committee members something to work with when making their decision. 

    If an owner involved in a trade leaves the league in the midst of his trade being reviewed, the trade will be rejected. This is not meant to punish the other owner, but rather protect the unowned team for the next owner.

    The Trade Review Committee Members:
     Doug, Arizona Diamondbacks
    Jimmy, LA Angels
    Brent, Houston Astros
     Alec, San Diego Padres

    JD, Texas Rangers will be an alt should one of the Committee members be involved in a trade in question.



    Playoffs will copy the MLB system.

    No playoff games will be played on a Monday or Thursday, unless there is a full schedule of MLB games. 


    1 game NL/AL Wild Card,    #4 seed vs #5 seed

    Best of 5 LDS,      #1 vs #4/5 and  #2 vs #3

    Best of 7 LCS,        #1/4/5 vs #2/3

    Best of 7  AL vs NL World Series.