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– Thank you – The Fantrax Team

Welcome to our Testimonials page. These comments were not solicited in any way, and are shown here exactly as they were received via our feedback system. We have far too many like these to show all of them, but here is a condensed list.

This is the 6th year using Fantrax for our league and I can't imagine using another site. I'm in other leagues where the commissioners there use sites such as Yahoo and ESPN and hear their complaints every year about issues from lack of control, to scoring options, to navigational problems within the site. Fantrax can take a little more time to set up than some other sites but it is because as a commissioner you have so much control and so many options it takes awhile to get it just right. The great thing about Fantrax is if you make a mistake it's pretty easy to fix. I just wanted to take time to drop a line to thank you and your team on a great site. Keep up the good work!

– Troy from Indiana, US

I read an article this winter in Forbes that mentioned Fantrax and their mission to capture a chunk of the fantasy sports marketplace. After checking out the site, I was blown away. What a fantastic product! I switched my 12-year auction league over from competition and my league mates are thrilled. It's cliche, but there is no stone left unturned by Fantrax. They have BY FAR the deepest pool of players, their leagues are fully customized and they will even handle your league finances. All this for HALF the price of the "standard bearer" site that refuses to listen to it's customers. Go Fantrax - you guys rock!

– Matthew from New York, US

I can't believe its been 5 years on fantrax. One of the best decisions I've ever made. I love how you guys get better, each and every day.

– Brian from Texas, US

you guys are the best. First league with you guys and like better than CBS, All Star Stats, ESPN, YAHOO or any of the sites. Im switching all my leagues to you guys, at least 1 premium per sport.

– Robbie from Maryland, US

Fantrax is easily the best fantasy football software we've used over the 16+ years we've been doing this.

– Scott from Maryland, US

Your options are fabulous ... It looks like Fantrax is our site of choice after having used Yahoo for 10 years.

– Greg from Ontario, Canada

Our league is new to your site and, so far, it has been light years better than than CBS Sports. All of my owners are really enjoying the platform, they love the app, and I am impressed with the commissioner controls/features. So, in short, thank you!

– Kevin from Missouri, US

My buddies and I were on CDM/Fanball for over 10 years and have been crying in our soup since we've heard about their demise, with seemingly no suitable replacement. Until now!!!!You're site is amazing and I've already put Fanball in the rearview mirror. Looking forward to long relationship with FANTRAX!!!!

– Pete from Massachusetts, US

This is my first year with Fantrax, and the reason I switched over from Yahoo to Fantrax was because it gives the commissioner more to work with and therefore makes the league more enjoyable.

– Sharon from California, US

Id like to say what a great site and customer service you guys have. Im in the process of moving two leagues from ESPN to your site and to say its quite an upgrade is an understatement.

– Anthony from Pennsylvania, US

I stumbled across your site back in 2009 while trying to find someone who had a college fantasy football manager and started using your services. I want to commend & congratulate you guys on how far you have come over the last 8 years. The new look and feel of baseball manager this year along with all the new info is awesome. We are about to start our 8th year of college fantasy football of which you are the only site that offers and wanted to drop a kind word. Keep up the good work and again congrats on your success.

– Robert from Florida, US

First off let me say, you're site is awesome. I've been with CBS forever, until this year. Thank you in advance and for creating this site.

– John from Wisconsin, US

thanks for being the only site i've found that runs a proper fantasy football league. Hope to continue for years to come.

– Jesse from New York, US

Hi, This is our first year using Fantrax and it has been a great success so far for our league. I am continually impressed with the features that you have programmed and ease of use.

– Michael from New York, US

As a former CDM player, I'm very impressed and pleased with the wide variety of games, services, support that Fantrax is offering. I'm happy to be on board.

– Josh from New Jersey, US

... By the way I made a $100 donation to Fantrax last year to show our support for this fantastic site- the best by far- bar none!!

– Jerre from Tennessee, US

Longtime CBS commish. I'm switching my auction league over here and using Fantrax for this league, a brand new league, as well. Outstanding site - I read about you guys in an article in Forbes.

– Matthew from New York, US

Fantrax is BY FAR the best fantasy site I have used. Easy to navigate, updates are instant and the support team is quick and very helpful! Thanks!

– Jon from Ontario, Canada

We used All Star stats last year and thought they were great but you guys blow them away.

– Ken from South Carolina, US

I've been running a fantasy league for 21 years, since before you could do this online, and our league is fairly complex. We've struggled to fit into other services but never found a good match until now. Fantrax has been incredibly flexible, has all the features we could ask for, and their support is excellent. Their low cost also means there is more money for our league prizes. My league's owners are excited to be able to get out of the box that our previous service kept us in, and Fantrax has given our league back to us!

– Michael from New York, US

You guys have a great site. Far and away the best online roti service we've ever been associated with and we've been around since the pencil and paper days in the early 80s.

– Cam from BC, Canada

I cannot tell you how excited I am about your fantasy games. I have been playing fantasy sports for a few years now and have always been disappointed by the lack of detail most of the mainstream sites have. The amount of customization your site allows plus INCREDIBLY awesome features like salaries and contracts (among many others), I was blown away by how much tweaking I could do to my league. I will definitely be bringing all of my future fantasy leagues to your site. Thank you very much.

– Christopher from Pennsylvania, US

This is the greatest fantasy site ever. I wish I had switched sooner but I never knew it existed. You guys are doing an awesome job! Please don't ever change it. It has everything! And the support has been amazing as well. Keep it up guys!

– Craig from Pennsylvania, US

The baseball website is awesome!!! I use fantrax for my custom football stats and draft as we use defensive players, your football and baseball no one can touch it, not CBS,not ESPN,not MLB.com, not Nfl.com, not TSN, not the SCORE, not Yahoo, not FOX,nobody does custom stats like it!! Nobody does baseball formulas so customized like FANTRAX, I tried them ALL!!!!

– JD from Nova Scotia, Canada

I just wanted to say Thank You and how pleased I am to have moved my nine Baseball Leagues and will be moving my 7 Football Leagues in 2014.Your pricing,league set-up flexibility and customer service has been outstanding and has already provided me with more assistance than CBS did for all my 16 leagues in the 12 years I had been doing business with them.Please continue to act on your owners suggestions to always look to improve on your product and you will enjoy long-term success and customer loyalty,things that CBS forgot about.I look forward to being a long-term customer,as do the 104 owners I will be bringing over with me with the leagues.Thanks again.

– Shawn from Florida, US

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you all for making our fantasy pool the best one yet! As commissioner, I really appreciate the support and the timely reponses to the many questions I have asked over the years. This makes my job a whole lot easier, but more importantly, it maintains the integrity of the hockey league I run. I cannot thank you enough for this. Great work!! I will continue to speak on behalf of my group - Fantrax is without a doubt the best Fantasy Sports program out there.

– Pete from Ontario, Canada

Thanks for an amazing FREE site for our keeper fantasy league baseball. We have been on here for 7+ seasons and are looking forward to season 8.

– Kevin from Maine, US

I have to say WOW! Never down, always live, and so fast!

– Greg from Florida, US

After using Yahoo's fantasy baseball for the last 8 years I was excited, but very nervous to make the switch. Had our draft today and everything is working better than expected. Minor League player pool was main reason to switch, but finding many more reasons as we go along. Will bring football league over this fall too!

– Joe from Michigan, US

thank you so much for your lightning quick response...i have used you guys in probably 20 different customized leagues and you are fantastic....i try to send you as much business as possible and have probably helped you gain an extra 100 customers over the last few years...thanks

– Jeffrey from Missouri, US

We have found your site to be terrific. We began this year with hockey, quickly added basketball and now have a FB play-off pool in progress. We will definitely move our baseball and football leagues to your site over the next year. Thank you for making Fantasy sports user friendly. Your player notes / detail are terrific.

– Andy from Pennsylvania, US

Thank you so much. I'm still getting used to the site. I've used CBS Sportsline for 10 years. You guys are 10 times better!

– Jack from Alabama, US

Just wanted to open with thanking you guys for having such amazing service. Your same-day response time is amazing and willing to constantly improve your product to serve your customers

– Robert from California, US

love your site. By far the best in terms of customization and management of any site I've looked at, so kudos.

– Joe from Michigan, US

Congrats. You've done an excellent job of setting up a great alternative to the "big guys" (you know who they are), with fantastic features that they wish they had. As a Product Manager, I'm very impressed that you've managed to implement such a broad variety of features. Well done!

– Josh from Massachusetts, US

Just want you guys to know that we couldn't be happier with Fantrax. Since starting our pool in 1984-85, we have done our stats with pencil and paper, our own software, TQStats, CBS and now Fantrax. If you guys started charging for this excellent service, I would not hesitate for even a second before cutting the cheque.

– Cam from British Columbia, Canada

Just moved my league over here from fleaflicker. In the past we've also used sportsline and fanball. So far I'm very impressed with what you've put together over here. I haven't found a feature that I needed that you haven't already supported.

– Greg from Illinois, US

FanTrax is by far the best site for fantasy sports and your response time to help for Commissioners is second to none. I won't even consider joining leagues not run on FanTrax and will tell guys advertising league openings that. Keep up the fantastic work.

– Mike from New Jersey, US

My friends and I have been using your website since last year and I have already made up my mind. Best fantasy website ever, period. None of the websites we had used in the previous ten years offered the same flexibility or accuracy, and in my opinion we have a very simple scoring system. Keep up the good work.

– Michael from Connecticut, US

Amazing. Thank you for being born. Tell ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and everyone else they can go play in traffic. You are the best.

– Kevin from Pennsylvania, US

I want to thank you for this amazing site, the features are above and beyond what other sites offer, we are very pleased we made the switch.

– Harry from Virginia, US

This is a PHENOMINAL site. Easy to use, takes a little getting use to, but so simple and easy. Everyone who has a league should use this. Thank you very much from our entire league.

– Jay from Ontario, Canada

keep up the awesome job fellas ,you are putting Yahoo,cbs,espn to shame

– Butch from Ontario, Canada

Everyone I talk to about the fantrax website and draft room absolutely love it. It is so handy having everything right there in one place

– Aaron from British Columbia, Canada

I played in a couple of your salary cap baseball leagues during the summer and was very pleased with the platform and functionality of the site. I came from TSN (and then Rotohog) and had seen the decline of salary cap baseball over the years. Your system was a pleasant surprise.

– Bill from California, US

we love your site. easy setup ,very customizable and site navigation was simple.

– M from Alabama, US

I have two 24 team leagues that we moved to your site this year from CBS and may be bringing more next year. Your product is far superior to CBS.

– Scott from Maryland, US

Fantrax is by far the best place to do fantasy sports. I've tried the rest and now I only use Fantrax. I'm not saying it's perfect no person or site is perfect but it is head and shoulders above the rest. its continual growth and superb service is, in my opinion, second to none. keep up the great work .

– Steve from Illinois, US

I LOVE the flexibility this site provides in the scoring categories. I've been Commissioner on CBS, NFL and ESPN sites and they don't compare considering cost and flexibility! THANKS!

– James from Tennessee, US

I have been using Fantrax for a few years now and absolutely love it. The wealth of information coupled with the ease of use makes this a no brainer for anyone to use.

– Vaughn from New Jersey, US

Thank you once again for all your help. You've gone above and beyond. You guys really run a top-notch website and customer service department. The cost of the premium service is well worth it!

– Joseph from Illinois, US

You guys are great. I am one of many very happy ex-CDMers that you've won over with great technology and very responsive service and help. Thank you.

– Joshua from New Jersey, US

After getting aggravated by Yahoo, our league just joined Fantrax mid-season. I'm already very happy with it

– Kenny from Maryland, US

I love the ability to customize & maintain the league, love the All-Play option, love that it's FREE, and love the customer / tech support.

– Danny from California, US

When Fanball went down this year, I figured it would be tough to transition to another provider. That hasn't been the case at all. Fantrax is just the best for Fantasy Baseball. I love your very organized format & I'll be back for years to come.

– Ray from Maryland, US

I would just like to start out by saying tha I love the site, and so do the rest of the guys. We've been using CBS sportsline for the past few years and we're glad we found this site.

– Joe from Massachusetts, US

I just wanted to let you know how impresed i was last year with your baseball site and your quick responses to suggestions. It has been a long time since i was on a site the cared about what it was offering.

– James from New Hampshire, US

This is my first time using Fantrax (after running a keeper league on officepools for 12 years) and I'm blown away by the quality of your system.

– Jamie from British Columbia, Canada

After 2 years we are very happy with the way this site has improved our league scoring and fun, so keep up the great work. I recommend this site to everybody I know that plays fantasy football so thanks again!

– Rick from Ohio, US

I'm really loving the amazing customer support from Fantrax. This is by far the best hockey pool site I've used, and I've used at least 6. I'm definitely sticking with you guys and recommending you to all my friends. Cheers,

– Chris from Ontario, Canada

You guys offer much more flexibility than the free Yahoo league and it is my intention as commish to keep our league with you guys going forward (in addition to starting other leagues for different sports with Fantrax).

– Tom from New York, US

BTW - great site, we switched from CBS. Great Job!

– Lance from Montana, US

First of all, let me say, I'm very impressed with your site for fantasy baseball. It has great features and I'm equally impressed with your customer service. I requested a change (adding Save Opp) and the response--with the change added--was expedient!

– John from New Hampshire, US

We love the site so far, much better than sportsline which we used for 11 years previously.

– Phillip from Kansas, US

Fantrax, just wanted you people to know that I really enjoy playing on your site. Easy to navigate, easy to understand, etc etc. Great site!

– Kyle from Utah, US

We have been using Fantrax for 3 seasons now. Baseball, Football, and Basketball. LOVE IT!!! Saved about $1500+ in website fees compared to CBS in that time.

– Brian from Arizona, US

great site. Switching from Yahoo and CBS shortly.

– Dan from Washington, US

Thanks so much for the help! I will be purchasing two premium leagues with Fantrax next year, and your great customer service is a big part of the reason!

– David from Arizona, US

We are really liking this new Fantacy site!! I've been on CBS for years and was really missing out on fantrax. You guys have me hooked! Keep up the good work

– Alex from Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to say we love the site and flexibility it provides to our dynasty league. You guys are always quick with a response to our questions since we are still relatively new to the site and navigating around the interface. Keep up the good work !

– Michael from Florida, US

First let me say, great site! Our league has decided to move over from CBS after years of us asking for simple things your site already provides so bravo!

– Jeff from Ontario, Canada

This is by far the most comprehensive site we have found for keeper pools. It's affordable and user friendly. Best of all, customer support is amazingly quick and helpful. Thanks guys.

– David from Ontario, Canada

I love the site. I think the level of customization is phenomenal, and I'm attempting to move my (very complicated) fantasy football league here for the upcoming season.

– Sean from New York, US

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that all the new features you guys have added are great. The extra season statistics, standings, and live scoring are awesome. Thanks for all the hard work.

– Brett from Massachusetts, US

my buddies and I have found a new home for all our fantasy sports. I'm always the commish and I will say that they flexibility and customization of your site is second to none. Not to mention your customer service has been top-notch so far. Well done, Fantrax!

– Brandon from Florida, US

Just wanted to say not only did all the guys in my League love the idea of using this new site for our 2nd (New Hockey) League, but now many guys are lobbying that we switch over our Yahoo league that has been in place for over 10 years to Fantrax. The new look is great too.

– Brett from Pennsylvania, US

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for keeping Fantrax FREE! I truly love this site and currently have set up 23 NFL fantasy leagues. There is NO other site that you can set up your league with different positions and scoring too. Please keep up the excellent work.

– Lary from Michigan, US

Thanks Guys for all your updates we are running a 16 man league with 2 8 man divisions and we had 2 separate drafts so your site works perfect for what we wanted to do. ... I will share your sites information with some of my other fantasy team commissioners you can expect us to be back next year.

– Joshua from Colorado, US

your support staff has been quick to respond and specific with their replies. This is in sharp contrast to other Fantasy League providers. Keep up the good work.

– Justin from Massachusetts, US

Love the site, looks like you have a lot of features and more to come. We used to be on flea flicker but moved it to your site this year.

– Ryan from Ohio, US

Hello, I have been running a NHL keeper league pool for 14 years that has a lot of detail in it and your site is the only site that comes close to duplicating it.

– Murray from Alberta, Canada

your stats are always updated fast and accurately which is awesome.Thank you for the wonderful site and keep up the great work!

– Tyler from Saskatchewan, Canada

Everyone is loving Fantrax. Enough that they didn't complain about having to pay up this year :D

– Luke from Ontario, Canada

Until this year, I didn't know about fantrax.com and have never been able to find a website that would allow me to customize my leagues as much as your site allows. So, thank you! And I love the site so far for both my football and basketball leagues!

– Drew from Mississippi

I've been on every fantasy sports site,free and pay,for the past 15 years.I love fantasy sports so much I play year round,but no hockey.this is the best fantasy sports site I have ever been to.keep up the great work.

– John from Maine, US

I think it is amazing what you guys are doing with your site. The most customizable fantasy hosting on the internet for sure.

– Ryan from Iowa, US

Great game, top notch software, up to the minute stats and standings, many improvements throughout the year, etc... I was an old CDM customer, back in the days where there were 10000 players in the game, but i will never consider taking my business away from Fantrax.

– Robert from Quebec, Canada

Thank you so much for the excellent product and service that you guys have provided for us over the last several years. I belong to a complex league that's been running for 35 years, and in the 17 years I've been in it we have only made one minor rule change. Fantrax in the only site that supports my leagues rules

– Rick from California, US

I was with CBS for 10 years and we switched prior to the start of last baseball season. MUCH happier here.

– John from Texas, US

We've been with you guys for three years and everyone loves the site.

– Bob from Maryland, US

Just wanted to say that we've been doing College Fantasy Football for over 12 years... first on U-Sports, then on CBS Sportsline for a few years. Your site is by FAR the best, most detailed, most customizable, etc. And your support staff has been very responsive.

– Neil from Florida, US

let me commend you on creating a wonderfully interactive website with tons of features! I especially love the ability to manage minor leagues.

– Zach from Pennsylvania, US

Just wanted to say... I've been with CBS for 11 years. They have been the best server for fantasy baseball because of their customization. This year ... it got me looking for an alernative. Come to find out Fantrax has even BETTER customization. One feature alone was daily scoring periods. And Fantrax customer service is friendly and fast! Keep it up and I will be a lifelong customer!!

– John from Texas, US

You guys have been wonderful over the past two years with your support and continue to do so! Thanks for making our league so customizable and enjoyable.

– Karl from South Carolina, US

Keep up the good work, the live stats are great and the live scoring is nice to follow and has even changed how I watch games with the atbat, on-deck and in the hole features.

– Gerry from Ontario, Canada

Thanks a ton!! The site and support staff you have is phenomenal!! Especially on a Sunday! I will certainly recommend your site to all my league commissioners!!

– Jeremy from Ohio, US

We transferred our league here after 10 years at CBS. Nice site!

– Rob from Kansas, US

Thank you for a very quick respond to my question! You not only have the best site, but also an impressive customer service!

– Roy from Oslo, Norway

You guys have been extremely reliable overall (unlike certain other sites out there). Love the site and its features, and the great customer support you're providing.

– Bill from Connecticut, US

I plan on moving my league here to Fantrax this season because I love a lot of the available features... particularly using the "minor leagues"

– Joe from Massachusetts

The #1 in fantasy sports....Outdo all others in every way....Keep up the good work....Thank you

– Michael from New York, US

Your 24/7 service is unparalled. This is really a fantasy.

– Greg from Ontario, Canada

I think you are doing a great job....much better than CDM/Fanball, which I had played for 10 years or more.

– Bud from North Carolina, US

We love the league evrything has worked ot great for us since discovering Fantrax. We used to be in Sandbox for 11 years. We find this league even better.

– Manuel from Florida, US

I've been with Fantrax since the beginning,I believe.It gets better and better every year.I will never set up a fantasy sports league on any other fantasy site.the fantasy writers are great too.I read alot of the expert advice and other writers columns.simply put I LOVE FANTRAX!!

– John from Maine, US

Fantrax is by far my favorite fantasy league outlet, mainly for the customization and reception of constructive feedback by the staff.

– Michael from Wisconsin, US

As always I appreciate all the help and changes you guys make to improve the games.

– Rich from Iowa, US

As a new user, I am very appreciative of the help and speedy responses and resolutions.

– Bruce from Kansas, US

I think this is an excellent service you are doing for the fantasy leagues. You have already surpassed any service I have ever received with Yahoo and won me away from them completely. Keep up the good work

– Jeff from Kansas, US

Your quick response rectified the situation and put the managers in my league at rest before the end of the night. Thank you very much - its times like this that our managers appreciate paying for the site service and will continue to do so for years to come.

– Pete from Ontario, Canada

THANK YOU!! you run the best fantasy baseball site out there, KEEP IT UP!! THANX!!

– Sean from Illinois, US

Thank You for your quick response. I've been playing CBS Sportsline in football and hockey for years and could never get a response back. You guys are great...we are going to switch our football over too.

– Pete from Illinois, US

We're very excited about your site as this is our first year with Fantrax.

– Richie from Georgia, US

This level of direct support is unheard of, and I can tell you that I really appreciate it.

– Matthew from Maryland, US

Just want you guys to know that my leagues have been so impressed with the amount of statistics you guys have added just in the short time weve been here .. from the players pages to the waiver wire information ..... keep up the great work.

– Biz from Ontario, Canada

so glad we bolted away from CBS when they wanted to impose fees and found this site. So many more options and the results are pretty stable by Sunday so we don't have to wait till Tuesday to see how we did. Thanks for making this available to us, it's terrific.

– Tom from Kansas, US

Thats awesome. Thank you very much. Great service from you guys once again. So glad I switched from ESPN.

– Andrew from Ohio, US

My league came over from CBS ($150) after 3 years and everyone loves this site. I try and click on the ads as much as possible and I try and tell other to do the same so you guys can keep doing what your doing.

– Shawn from Ontario, Canada

Thanks and by the way your site is amazing. We are going to switch all of our fantasy sports leagues to you.

– Jamie form New York, US

Your site looks amazing, user friendly and perfectly customizable for our league. We'll probably move our baseball league over as well.

– Faisal from Quebec, Canada

We love fantrax and we are happy to have been apart of you guys from the beginning and seeing all the positive things you guys have done. This is why we are so very loyal to you guys

– Jon from Florida, US

You guys rock! Free CFFB is hard to come by, I will make sure all of my friends and family hear about this website. Thank you very much! You are the best and I plan on using you for every sports need!

– Ben from New England, US

thank you for speedy response. I run leagues year around and find it so important to have someone at the website to contact and cbs or espn can take a day or 2 and cant reach by phone. Im really impressed with what I see so far.

– Robbie from Maryland, US

Again - great website you have - in the opinion of a bunch of us Fantasy Baseball Diehards. Thank you kindly.

– Roy from Maine, US

Actually we came from yahoo and left because I found your guys site. It makes it easier for myself and the other commisioner to be able to run a full, 12 team, 20 man roster, keeper league. Plus, the options for customizing our league are numerous. The only thing I don't like is that it took me 9 years before I found you guys. Great site.

– Shae from Kentucky, US

This is our 1st year with this site and I love it! Any questions or issues that I've had have been addressed super fast, and the site works great! You're prices for Premier Leagues are very reasonable. In fact, I wish I had bought the Lifetime Membership!

– Bendar from California, US

I love the site. We've been doing out league for about 12 years and this is the best site we've used.

– Rick from Georgia, US

Thanks for running a great service. We had used CBS in the past and some owners were resistant when we switched to Fantrax last year. Your service turned out to be better than CBS

– Tim from Colorado, US

Thank you guys for all the options and work you put into fantrax. It IS greatly appreciated.

– Chad from Minnesota, US

I am a former Fanball points league player, and just wanted to thank you for a great experience this year at Fantrax.

– Henry from Alabama, US

This is our first year with fantrax, and so far everyone is happy with the site...especially the commish since you guys provide great support.

– Anthony from Georgia, US

I keep coming back here to praise you all....My friends and I are in our 2nd year together here....Seems any changes/upgrades we discuss, are handled within minutes...Keep up the good work

– Michael from New York, US

Thank you for your time and patience as this is the best customer service I have received when it comes to fantasy sports.

– Blair from Quebec, Canada

Love the site guys - much better than ESPN, Yahoo, etc.

– Erich from Pennsylvania, US

I've pretty impressed by all the changes you guys have made over the last yr or two! And the quality of service is 2nd to none in regards to mainly response time. It's a BIG deal that u guys respond so quickly - compared to other sites!

– Dave from Missouri, US

I have been using your services for a long time and think this is the best site for fantasy out there, without a doubt. I play in multiple leagues across all the sports. I am also running a few very unique leagues myself.

– Jack from Ontario, Canada

Thanks again. You and FanTrax have done a great job this whole season. You can count me in as a lifetime customer from here on out.

– Mike from Hawaii, US

I have tried SEVERAL different league managers and nothing came close to the way I would run my league by myself from scratch. Fantrax is the ONLY site I have found that allows me the most options to run my league the way that I want and for that I thank you!

– Jer from California, US

A lot of us are recruiting players to your site because of the amazing payouts and customer service.

– Guy from Pennsylvania, US

Thanks again for your quick responses. I hope you guys are building a good user base. You have the best system out there and I continue to spread the word.

– Juan from Washington, US

This site gets better every month. The new keeper options sound great. Just wanted to say it is awesome and we will be switching our football league here this fall and we will switch baseball

– Matt from Iowa, US

I want to say that FanTrax is my favorite fantasy sports website. The combination of games you provide (free of transaction costs), the ability to set up leagues and the sports info is second to none.

– Anthony from Florida, US

Thanx and I'm enjoying Fantrax much more than all my years at CDM and Fanball.

– Larry from Florida, US

We love the functionality that fantrax offers. We can essentially do anything we want to customize the league. Thank you for being great.

– Brad from New York, US

Just wanted to tell you guys that you are by far the #1 fantasy sport website out there! You guys are always coming up with great new additions to the site, love the chat feature!!!!! You respond very quickly to questions, comment and open to suggestions.

– Aaron from British Columbia, Canada

this site is great. I love it. You have all the things we've wanted in our ESPN league but they are not going to add.

– Dustin from Illinois, US

First of all, the site is amazing! You people really know your stuff, and I'd give you all a hug if I could.

– Guy from Great Britain

You guys have been great. Really excited to be away from ESPN.

– Scott from New York, US

Awesome Site!! Just signed up a couple leagues. Love how easy it is, very impressed!!

– Mark from Minnesota, US

Fwiw, the site is amazeballs. We've been on CBS the last 8 years. Back when you could only draft units not players. This is our first year with y'all and we couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work.

– Thomas from South Carolina, US

Wow! Let me say that I am very impressed with your response time! That in itself has me sold, but in addition, your site looks to be very organized and user-friendly.

– T.A. from US

Thanks a lot for the responses - this is one of the reasons why I recommend your site to anyone that asks for suggestions!

– John from Washington, US

As an ex-CDM player, I am totally satisifed with the job Fantrax has done. Well done!

– Joshua from New Jersey, US

We were first on Paper then TQ Stats, Fanball and now Fantrax. This website is great, easy to use and the whole league is impressed.

– Joe from Wisconsin, US

Every one of our owners is more involved in the league this year due to the simplicity and functionality. How big of geeks are we? I can safely state that at least five of us have spent a Friday night watching the LIVE SCORING link.

– Tom from Minnesota, US

I just wanted to say thanks for your speedy response to my email suggestions. It's amazing to know that help and support is just a quick email away.

– Dan from Ohio, US

Thanks a lot for all your help you guys are awesome. I'm also doing the salary cap game for the first time and am really impressed with you guys.

– Tim from Illinois, US

everyone in my league absolutely loves your site. Nice job on this, and thanks for all your work. You guys do a great job.

– Brad from Minnesota, US

Thanks for quick reply,Fantrax just keeps delivering with quick customer service, looking forward to stay and keep using your services. No better site for fantasy sports

– Christoffer from Norway

First year using this site for our actual league. I love the site and the customization available.

– Phil from Wisconsin, US

I also just wanted to say how much I love the site. I use it for my baseball and basketball league and I am going to my move my fantasy football league here in August to use the premium feature for that and my friend is going to use the premium feature for his hockey league next year. This is truly the best fantasy site on the internet.

– Tim from Pennsylvania, US

This site ROCKS!!!!

– Ryan from West Virginia, US

You guys are always really responsive. FanTrax is the best.

– Steve from Montana, US

Former CDM/Fanball player here, thanks for everything, this has been a much more enjoyable experience. I'm doing all I can to spread the word and get new members here.

– Anthony from Ohio, US

I have to admit I'm thoroughly impressed with everything. The Live Scoring and Standings are amazing.

– Michael from New York, US

Keep up the great work, loving the site and the features you keep improving.

– Ziggy from Manitoba, Canada

The Fantrax site is absolutely awesome. I cannot express in words how blown away I am by its complexity. If one day you add some more bling (i.e. more places to show logos like in the standings etc.) You'll be the best by a longshot.

– Gary from British Columbia, Canada

I wanted to let you know that me and many family members and friends have been using this site for fantasy baseball and football and are loving it.

– Cody from Oklahoma, US

Keep up the great work. Best draft site on the Internet. Live you guys to death. Cheers

– Darren from Alberta, Canada

Thank you very much for the quick reply! Your site is very user-friendly and the updates have been great!

– Colin from New Brunswick, Canada

Boy you guys are fast, had just checked and it was done. Have to admit the best fantasy site out there. Fantrax is now our permanent home and for sure had already past my comments on to many others.

– Randall from Quebec, Canada

Thank you that helps me out a lot. Your web site is awesome .It is way better that CBS Sportsline or Yahoo. Nice Job

– Joe from Michigan, US

Great website. best I've seen by far and I've pretty much tried them all.

– Francesco from Calgary, Canada

Thanks as always for the help! Fantrax has been a godsend to our leagues.

– Chris from California, US

You guys/gals are doin a great job everyone in both my leagues love the site, I even turned another league which existed for 14yrs onto Fantrax, & they love it too.

– Ramiro from Ontario, Canada

A few buddies and I were CDM(fanball) players for a long time and we're certainly glad we found you guys.

– Brandon from Ohio, US

You folks have the best fantasy sports site ever.

– Dave from Toronto, Canada

Just wanted to say, thanks for the great service you provide, I switched my leagues over to here just this year and the flexibility of your configurations are exactly what we were looking for.

– Brandy from Saskatchewan, Canada

first I do want to thank the support I have received when I have needed a question answered, Thankyou! Plus, the league loves the Fantrax site.

– Johnny from Minnesota, US

Hey guys, great website! We have been using your website for a few years now and have loved it since day one.

– Dale from Ontario, Canada

thank you so much for your help. You guys really are the number one sports pool site by far.

– Wesley from Ontario, Canada

you guys have a great site, i used cbs sportsline for like 10 years, ill be switching my stats service over to you

– Larry from New Jersey, US

i do like ur site and i appreciate ur quick responses whenever i have a question!!! wish all fantasy sites worked as quickly as fantrax!!! keep up the great work!!!

– Jeff from Virginia, US

all my friends and i really enjoy yalls site yall offer 10 times the amount of options than anybody else we used espn last year

– Ryan from Texas, US

Hey we loved your site for our regular season NHL pool.

– Aaron from British Columbia, Canada

I know you are a fairly new FBB site, but I for one, think that you are already the best one of all and it's only going to get better. Fantrax you rock! Great job you guys! :)

– Robert from Washington, US

This is by far the best nascar fantasy site I have ever seen. It allows you to make your own scoring system. If your other fantasy sports are anywhere near as good, I will be back for football and more. Keep up the great work!!!

– Ray from Pennsylvania, US

I believe all 30 of us in the league are impressed with the frequency of the continuous improvements.

– Steve from Alberta, Canada

You've reaffirmed what I thought from the moment I first found you guys - Fantrax is first class! Thanks for the suggestions

– Pete from Saskatoon, Canada

My guys love your guys site. Our league has been going for about 15 years and I had a software where I did it on my own and just bought stats every year. You guys provide so much more and are more convinient.

– Bob from Maryland, US

First I want to tell you that you guys are doing a great job. We have been using Fantrax for the past 2 years with positive reviews from our league members.

– Murray from Alberta, ON

Thank you again on a great website. The customization features are unparalleled and you folks clearly love fantasy sports.

– Jason from Michigan, US

Our pool was a lot of fun this year, all our players enjoyed it! Good work.

– David from Quebec, Canada

Love your site and the new updates! Keep up the solid improvements!

– Sam from Pennsylvania, US

I am having a great time using Fantrax for my NBA playoff league. Your site is awesome!!!

– Anthony from Florida, US

First off, I'd like to thank you very much for providing Fantrax to the Fantasy community. What a great site! I love everything about it and have always been very impressed with your level of service.

– Calen from Minnesota, US

Just wanted to send you all a big thank you for all of your hard work. Love the (extensive!) customization available and timely responses to any issues. Definitely staying with FanTrax for the long haul.

– Abed from Ontario, Canada

Hey you guys are doing really awesome work and I'm very happy that I made the switch to FanTrax this year

– John from Texas, US

I'm able to customize more than I was over at CBS. Thanks for providing what appears to be a great service.

– Matt from Ohio, US

The fantasy boards I am part of have been nothing but glowing for your site and we're excited to give it a try!

– Jason from Missouri, US

Great site guys, keep up the awesome work! I'm a big fan

– Wes from Ontario

Love the site, we are switching over from the almight ESPN

– Brandon from Virginia, US

I have to say that I'm really amazed at your site and all the options and customization.

– Dusty from Illinois, US

you guys do an excellent job here, and your customer service is great. You offer up a service that other sites just can't compete with

– Greg from Nova Scotia, Canada

My 8 team NHL Commissioner league absolutely raved about my selection of Fantrax to run our office pool, and we're really looking forward to PAYING YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HARD WORK next season and beyond!

– Adam from British Columbia, Canada

Just wanted to tell you how amazing this website is. This league has been around for 25 years and has always been done offline. Your site is the first one to handle the majority of our rules and allow us to automate many of our manual processes.

– HB from New Jersey, US

Thanks!!!! For real you guys run the best fantasy site i've played in. The customer service is second to none.

– Randy from Ontario, Canada

I'm a former Fanball user and I'm pretty impressed by Fantrax. It really offers more.

– Jerome from Quebec, Canada

Draft went great the site is the best we've seen

– Brian from Pennsylvania, US

I enjoy the website especially because of the customization and love running this dynasty league.

– Matt from Washington, US

I'd like to say that I really appreciate your site. This is my 4th year of fantasy basketball and, of the 3 sites I've played on, I like Fantrax the best.

– Robert from Florida, US

By the way you guys are doing an awesome job this has been the best league I have been in and the best site I have used!! Keep up the great work! Cheers!

– Dave from Newfoundland, Canada

I've told you this before, but you guys do the best job with fantasy baseball that I've ever seen...and I've been playing these nationwide roto-style games since the early 1990s.

– Bud from North Carolina, US

Your service is next to none regarding your desire to deliver to the consumer.

– Nicholas from California, US

I really like your fantasy leagues. They are run better then any other fantasy website (including CBS,fox,yahoo, and ESPN).

– Zach from Ohio, US

Your the man! Thanks a ton. THis site is so much better then CBS, more options and easier to navigate. We will be upgrading in the future.

– Zach from Wisconsin, US

Thank you for having so many options on a fantasy site. Keep up the great work.

– Ziggy from Manitoba, Canada

I just wanted to say how much better the new Live Scoring is. The Window looks amazing and is so much easier to keep track of how I'm doing. Well done. The design is great and functional.

– Shaun from Ontario, Canada

This is my first time participating in a Fantasy League. Must say I'm very excited and also impressed by the functionality of your website.

– Ryan from Oregon, US

Love this site, we are moving all our dynasty leagues here GREAT JOB!!!

– Harry from Virginia, US

I am very impress of your technical support and how fast you guys got back to my questions throughout the year. I appreciate your hard work.

– Tuan from Alberta, Canada

Great website! Loving all the great functionality and the improvements made over the season.

– Wyatt from Ontario, Canada

Always appreciate your prompt and courteous response and support.

– Robb from New York, US

usability and flexibility are so much better than other corporate sites

– Dave from Michigan, US

i'm repeating myself but you guys are the best fantasy site hands down.

– Tim from Oklahoma, US

Great site, I found your site a few years back and now all the boys at work use Fantrax!

– Rob from Manitoba, Canada

I am a new commissoner and I really like the way the website is set up.

– Mick from Pennsylvania, US

I just discovered your site, and really didnt anticipate it being as awesome as it is.

– Jason from Georgia, US

i would like to thank you for your great website. We love using it.

– Martin from Quebec, Canada

you guys have everything I need to run an auction league....including options I have been asking for on cbs for years (conditional bids, bid is new salary, etc)... I moved my cheap yahoo league here today, but next year plan on moving my big auction league, too.

– Mike from Ohio, US

Great customer service that goes along w/ a great site. What a concept!

– Shannon from Colorado, US

By the way, the Fantrax website and games offered are really nice. I like the multiple level options that you offer. I really enjoy playing the fantasy football points game

– Robert from Michigan, US

My friends and I have used Fantrax for a few years for out dynasty fantasy hockey league and we all agree that the setup is near flawless. We have a non-traditional scoring system and Fantrax has made it easy for us to get the information we need.

– Brian from Alberta, Canada

I have been happy with the site because it is the only one I've found that allows my league to score the way we prefer and I am impressed by the quick response to my inquiry. You guys are great and I'll be sure to continue using your site in the future.

– Brian from Pennsylvania, US

Greetings! Awesome application! I just transferred my NHL Keeper League to Fantrax and all the GMs are gobsmacked.

– Jacob from California, US

Helluva sight....Us FANNY'S (Fantasy Fanatics) just love your sight. Been with a group for at least 5 years and your sight is fantastic....Keep up the good work

– Michael from New York, US

Just discovered FANTRAX !! Where have you been my entire fantasy life ?

– David from Ohio, US

Hi guys, just want to say again, we are really impressed with the website and actually have got other pools to switch by telling them how good it has been.

– David from Ontario, Canada

Thanks so much for your help this season Joe, this has been a great experince as opposed to the CBS platform we used to use. We will be back next year for sure!

– Robby from Florida, US

It was great jobs guys. The best site on the planet bar none. I wish I could work 4 you.

– Jon from Florida, US

I can't believe how fast your support staff implements changes or suggestions, great job.

– Bill from New York, US

We're really enjoying the upgrades from last year and are glad to have found our new home.

– Scott from New York, US

We ran a league on your site last year and it was awesome! You guys do a tremendous job, great stuff!

– David from Pennsylvania, US

Thanks for the speedy action! Fantrax really is the best fantasy sports website out there!

– Trevor from New Brunswick, Canada

let me start by saying that your website provides an absolutely amazing service to all fantasy addicts like myself! Thank you for being, and for your continuous strive for improvement too!

– Daniel from Netherlands

Our league has enjoyed our transition from CBS to Fantrax.

– John from Pennsylvania, US

As always this is a fantastic site with many options that allow me to configure the league exactly how I like. Keep up the good work.

– I from Iowa, US

Thank you so much for your response. Your support and site are phenomenal.

– Steve from New York, US


– Rick from California, US

Me and my friends always use fantrax for our NFL and NHL pools and we love it!

– Matthew from Saskatchewan, Canada

love the site and having alot of fun. love the live chat. thanks everyone at fantrax.

– Paul from Ontario, Canada

found your site last year after years with sandbox and gotta give ya some love...awesome site!

– Big from Florida, US

my league is going to be starting its 11th season, and we're happy to be making the move to Fantrax.com...thanks for such a great and well designed site indeed.

– Shannon from Colorado, US

Thanks for the fast response. Fantrax beats any other fantasy service out there. You guys are great.

– Paul from South Carolina, US

let me say, great homepage, great tool to support our private game! thanks guy's! we don't miss sportingnews smallworld!!!

– Roberto from Zurich, Switzerland

I love your site and I think it's amazing! You guys deserve props for how well everything works (especially live updates that I can retrieve on my iphone).

– Patrick from Manitoba, Canada

Thanks again, love the response to customer suggestions and feedback, truly amazing.

– Joshua from New York, US

I'd like to say that we love Fantrax! It does everything we want for our pool! Thank you!

– Sebastian from Alberta, Canada

this is sooooo much better than fanball thank you guys.

– Rick from Illinois, US

I am very impressed with all of the features and the look of the site.

– Dave from Washington, US

thank you for the fast response. your organization is top notch

– Tim from Oklahoma, US

Thank you so much for all the work and effort and options you guys put into this and I'm sure you guys are bombarded with commisioners wanting this and that. It is much appreciated.

– Chad from Minnesota, US

First I just want to say I love your site. This was the most fun I've ever had setting up a league.

– Andrew from Illinois, US

thank you for the great support gentlemen

– Dave from Michigan, US

CS has been exemplary ever since we boarded the Fantrax train; but, this.....trumps it all man! You guys are simply.........OUTSTANDING!!!! Thank you from all of us!!!!

– Mike from Colorado, US

BTW, we really loved using the site last year -- we're looking forward to another great experience this year.

– Brad from Maryland, US

This is our first year with Fantrax. We love it! Keep up the great work gents!

– Jason from Ontario, Canada

As a career ETL Developer allow me to be a geek. I can tell that your underlying data models are built incredibly well! The filtering and speed of loading the data is more robust and much faster than Sportsline in my opinion. Yahoo is fast but Fantrax is way sexier.

– Greg from Florida, US

Just wanted to say the NFL Fantasy League was a great experience this year, anytime I had a question emailed to you I always had great explanation replied. I already have teams asking if this will be up next year, I have told them YES!

– Justin from Texas, US

Second year on your site and still loving it!!

– Christopher from New Hampshire, US

I'm very happy with your product and your customer service.

– Walter from Hawaii, US

I'm a long-time CBS Commish who brought over 2 leagues to Fantrax this season. So far we are impressed overall.

– Marty from North Dakota, US

Hi Guys ... 1st year on your site ... guys in our league love it

– Anthony from Ontario, Canada

Your site has been a wonderful surprise so far!

– Josh from Georgia, US

I again am very thankful that we signed up with Fantrax a few years ago. You guy's are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

– Wesley from Ontario, Canada

Great work with the site, we've been having a lot of fun with the league.

– Ziggy from Florida, US

As always, prompt and informative. Fantrax has outstanding customer service.

– Donald from Oregon, US

I'd just like to thank you for providing such an awesome service! The feedback I've received from the people who participated in our company hockey draft is nothing but positive! They can't believe the level of detail that they can access and are extremely grateful!

– Dave froM Alberta, Canada

drag and drop is excellent, the improvements to the roster are fantastic

– Larry from Michigan, US

Our league loves this site, so we look forward to being on here for a very long time.

– Aaron from Ontario, Canada

First I have to say I love Fantrax. You have become my favorite fantasy sports sight!

– Eric from New England, US

I am running a hockey pool on your site and I am absolutely in awe of it. Everyone in my league has nothing but praise for the set up...Thank you for all of your hard work on this site.

– Gary from British Columbia, Canada

That's fantastic, thank you very much! In general, I must say what you do for the world of advanced fantasy sports is absolutely exceptional, chapeau!

– Daniel from Netherlands

Keep up the good work, best pool site ever!

– Lando from Quebec, Canada

Your support group has been awesome for helping getting this set up properly for us.

– Vince from Alberta, Canada

Thanks for your quick response. You guys do a great job and run a super game. I'm looking forward to another enjoyable year with you!

– Bud from North Carolina, US

You guys have a EXCELLENT site and I'm really glad we switched from CBS.

– Alex from Ontario, Canada

These guys are awesome. I've never been a part of a fantasy site where you get quick quality answers to all your questions.

– Pete from Ontario, Canada

First let me say, WOW, this site is awesome. I have been playing fantasy sports since 1998 and I have used MANY sites.

– Tom from New York, US

just wanted to say that i love your site. i've been using your site for 2 years now and the guys in my league love it.

– Mike from Ontario, Canada

Btw your customer service puts others to shame just so you know. Good job guys

– Matt from Ontario, Canada

Me and the guys in our league are loving the site and all the new features you are adding.

– Chris from British Columbia, Canada

it is refreshing to find a fantasy community that offers such a sound and maintained environment.

– Todd from Massachusetts, US

Thanks! You guys do an excellent job at improving this site every year, we truly enjoy using it and thank you for taking our feedback/suggestions.

– Shaun from British Columbia, Canada

Our season is wrapping up and wanted to let you guys know how much i enjoyed the site and look forward to the changes you guys have set up for next season, great job thanks again

– Steve from Pennsylvania, US

You guys have been great with your support and responses to the community.

– Luke from Ontario, Canada

That really helps. I'm grateful for your help, patience, and expertise.

– James from Virginia, US

can't believe we found your site. thank you for the support and site design.

– Dave from Michigan, US

Again, thanks for the awesome website, everyone in our league has been thoroughly impressed since moving from CBS!

– Travis from Missouri, US

I've really enjoyed using Fantrax for Football

– John from Ontario, Canada

I have recomended Fantrax many times because of your great service. Thanks for being a great help.

– Nick from Georgia, US

Thanks again for all you have done, as the season has went great and the owners in our league have been very happy.

– Rodgers from Indiana, US

Very well done, that's why there is no site like Fantrax. Keep up the amazing work!

– Aaron from Kentucky, US