NCAAF - Schedule



Week 5

Thu Sep 29, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
South Carolina State 10@
South Carolina 50
SCSt: Nick3/5-63
SCar: Rattler21/27-212
SCSt: Nick14-95
SCar: Lloyd11-80
SCSt: Davis3-62
SCar: Brooks3-61
7:00 PM Boxscore
Utah State 26@
Brigham Young 38
UtSt: Legas19/31-188
BYU: Hall17/27-273
UtSt: Tyler Jr.18-104
BYU: Brooks11-90
UtSt: Cobbs10-96
BYU: Epps5-86
8:00 PM Boxscore
Fri Sep 30, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Tulane @ Houston 7:00 PM
UTSA @ Middle Tennessee 7:30 PM
San Diego State @ Boise State 8:00 PM
Washington @ UCLA 10:30 PM
New Mexico @ UNLV 11:00 PM
Sat Oct 1, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Purdue @ Minnesota 12:00 PM
Louisville @ Boston College 12:00 PM
Georgia State @ Army 12:00 PM
Illinois @ Wisconsin 12:00 PM
Temple @ Memphis 12:00 PM
Navy @ Air Force 12:00 PM
Michigan @ Iowa 12:00 PM
Oklahoma @ Texas Christian 12:00 PM
Texas Tech @ Kansas State 12:00 PM
Kentucky @ Mississippi 12:00 PM
Texas State @ James Madison 1:30 PM
Northern Illinois @ Ball State 2:00 PM
Massachusetts @ Eastern Michigan 2:00 PM
Oregon State @ Utah 2:00 PM
East Carolina @ South Florida 2:30 PM
Wake Forest @ Florida State 3:30 PM
Fresno State @ Connecticut 3:30 PM
Miami (OH) @ Buffalo 3:30 PM
Gardner-Webb @ Marshall 3:30 PM
Rutgers @ Ohio State 3:30 PM
Bowling Green @ Akron 3:30 PM
Central Michigan @ Toledo 3:30 PM
Ohio @ Kent State 3:30 PM
Northwestern @ Penn State 3:30 PM
Virginia Tech @ North Carolina 3:30 PM
Oklahoma State @ Baylor 3:30 PM
Iowa State @ Kansas 3:30 PM
Citadel @ Appalachian State 3:30 PM
Michigan State @ Maryland 3:30 PM
Alabama @ Arkansas 3:30 PM
Florida Atlantic @ North Texas 4:00 PM
Texas A&M @ Mississippi State 4:00 PM
Wagner @ Syracuse 5:00 PM
South Alabama @ Louisiana-Lafayette 5:00 PM
California @ Washington State 5:30 PM
Liberty @ Old Dominion 6:00 PM
New Hampshire @ Western Michigan 6:00 PM
Texas-El Paso @ Charlotte 6:00 PM
Louisiana State @ Auburn 7:00 PM
Georgia Southern @ Coastal Carolina 7:00 PM
Louisiana-Monroe @ Arkansas State 7:00 PM
Cincinnati @ Tulsa 7:00 PM
Troy @ Western Kentucky 7:00 PM
Virginia @ Duke 7:30 PM
North Carolina State @ Clemson 7:30 PM
Georgia @ Missouri 7:30 PM
Alabama-Birmingham @ Rice 7:30 PM
West Virginia @ Texas 7:30 PM
Indiana @ Nebraska 7:30 PM
San Jose State @ Wyoming 7:30 PM
Georgia Tech @ Pittsburgh 8:00 PM
Florida International @ New Mexico State 8:00 PM
Colorado @ Arizona 9:30 PM
Arizona State @ USC 10:30 PM
Stanford @ Oregon 11:00 PM
Sun Oct 2, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Eastern Washington @ Florida 12:00 PM
Southern Methodist @ Central Florida 1:00 PM

Week 6

Fri Oct 7, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Nebraska @ Rutgers 7:00 PM
Houston @ Memphis 7:30 PM
UNLV @ San Jose State 10:30 PM
Colorado State @ Nevada 10:30 PM
Sat Oct 8, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Missouri @ Florida 12:00 PM
Texas Christian @ Kansas 12:00 PM
Eastern Michigan @ Western Michigan 12:00 PM
Purdue @ Maryland 12:00 PM
Tennessee @ Louisiana State 12:00 PM
Texas @ Oklahoma 12:00 PM
Louisville @ Virginia 12:00 PM
Arkansas @ Mississippi State 12:00 PM
Buffalo @ Bowling Green 12:00 PM
Michigan @ Indiana 12:00 PM
Clemson @ Boston College To be Determined
Florida State @ North Carolina State To be Determined
Akron @ Ohio 2:00 PM
Georgia Southern @ Georgia State 2:00 PM
South Florida @ Cincinnati 2:30 PM
Wisconsin @ Northwestern 3:30 PM
Ball State @ Central Michigan 3:30 PM
Utah @ UCLA 3:30 PM
Auburn @ Georgia 3:30 PM
Middle Tennessee @ Alabama-Birmingham 3:30 PM
Liberty @ Massachusetts 3:30 PM
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State 3:30 PM
East Carolina @ Tulane 3:30 PM
Tulsa @ Navy 3:30 PM
Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh 3:30 PM
Kent State @ Miami (OH) 3:30 PM
Toledo @ Northern Illinois 3:30 PM
North Carolina @ Miami (FL) 4:00 PM
Washington @ Arizona State 4:00 PM
Duke @ Georgia Tech 4:00 PM
Ohio State @ Michigan State 4:00 PM
Mississippi @ Vanderbilt 4:00 PM
Western Kentucky @ UTSA 6:00 PM
Connecticut @ Florida International 7:00 PM
Texas-El Paso @ Louisiana Tech 7:00 PM
Wyoming @ New Mexico 7:00 PM
Southern Miss @ Troy 7:00 PM
Air Force @ Utah State 7:00 PM
James Madison @ Arkansas State 7:00 PM
Appalachian State @ Texas State 7:00 PM
Kansas State @ Iowa State 7:30 PM
Iowa @ Illinois 7:30 PM
South Carolina @ Kentucky 7:30 PM
Army @ Wake Forest 7:30 PM
Washington State @ USC 7:30 PM
Brigham Young @ Notre Dame 7:30 PM
Texas A&M @ Alabama 8:00 PM
Coastal Carolina @ Louisiana-Monroe 8:00 PM
Oregon @ Arizona 9:00 PM
Fresno State @ Boise State 9:45 PM
Hawaii @ San Diego State 10:30 PM
Oregon State @ Stanford 11:00 PM

Week 7

Wed Oct 12, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Louisiana-Lafayette @ Marshall 7:30 PM
Thu Oct 13, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Baylor @ West Virginia 7:00 PM
Temple @ Central Florida 7:00 PM
Fri Oct 14, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Navy @ Southern Methodist 7:30 PM
UTSA @ Florida International 8:00 PM
Sat Oct 15, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Colgate @ Army 12:00 PM
Minnesota @ Illinois 12:00 PM
USC @ Utah To be Determined
Maryland @ Indiana To be Determined
Wisconsin @ Michigan State To be Determined
Alabama @ Tennessee To be Determined
Louisiana State @ Florida To be Determined
Vanderbilt @ Georgia To be Determined
Miami (OH) @ Bowling Green To be Determined
San Jose State @ Fresno State To be Determined
Buffalo @ Massachusetts 1:00 PM
Connecticut @ Ball State To be Determined
Washington State @ Oregon State To be Determined
Arkansas @ Brigham Young To be Determined
California @ Colorado To be Determined
Oklahoma State @ Texas Christian To be Determined
Miami (FL) @ Virginia Tech To be Determined
Penn State @ Michigan To be Determined
Clemson @ Florida State To be Determined
Nebraska @ Purdue To be Determined
Old Dominion @ Coastal Carolina To be Determined
Northern Illinois @ Eastern Michigan To be Determined
Auburn @ Mississippi To be Determined
Kansas @ Oklahoma To be Determined
North Carolina State @ Syracuse To be Determined
North Carolina @ Duke To be Determined
Iowa State @ Texas To be Determined
Arkansas State @ Southern Miss To be Determined
Mississippi State @ Kentucky To be Determined
Central Michigan @ Akron To be Determined
Tulane @ South Florida To be Determined
Kent State @ Toledo To be Determined
Memphis @ East Carolina To be Determined
Arizona @ Washington To be Determined
Gardner-Webb @ Liberty 3:30 PM
Texas State @ Troy 3:30 PM
Charlotte @ Alabama-Birmingham 3:30 PM
Western Kentucky @ Middle Tennessee 3:30 PM
Ohio @ Western Michigan 3:30 PM
Louisiana Tech @ North Texas 4:00 PM
James Madison @ Georgia Southern 4:00 PM
Louisiana-Monroe @ South Alabama 5:00 PM
Rice @ Florida Atlantic 6:00 PM
Utah State @ Colorado State 7:00 PM
Stanford @ Notre Dame 7:30 PM
New Mexico @ New Mexico State 8:00 PM
Air Force @ UNLV 10:30 PM
Nevada @ Hawaii 12:00 AM

Week 8

Wed Oct 19, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Georgia State @ Appalachian State 7:30 PM
Thu Oct 20, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Troy @ South Alabama 7:30 PM
Virginia @ Georgia Tech 7:30 PM
Fri Oct 21, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Tulsa @ Temple 7:30 PM
Alabama-Birmingham @ Western Kentucky 8:00 PM
Sat Oct 22, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Indiana @ Rutgers 12:00 PM
Houston @ Navy 12:00 PM
Louisiana-Monroe @ Army 12:00 PM
Vanderbilt @ Missouri To be Determined
Washington @ California To be Determined
Colorado @ Oregon State To be Determined
Mississippi @ Louisiana State To be Determined
UCLA @ Oregon To be Determined
Duke @ Miami (FL) To be Determined
Texas A&M @ South Carolina To be Determined
Syracuse @ Clemson To be Determined
Memphis @ Tulane To be Determined
Texas @ Oklahoma State To be Determined
Central Florida @ East Carolina To be Determined
Toledo @ Buffalo To be Determined
Arizona State @ Stanford To be Determined
Northern Illinois @ Ohio To be Determined
Pittsburgh @ Louisville To be Determined
Kansas State @ Texas Christian To be Determined
Marshall @ James Madison To be Determined
Arkansas State @ Louisiana-Lafayette To be Determined
Tennessee-Martin @ Tennessee To be Determined
Kansas @ Baylor To be Determined
Utah State @ Wyoming To be Determined
Brigham Young @ Liberty To be Determined
Bowling Green @ Central Michigan To be Determined
Boston College @ Wake Forest To be Determined
Fresno State @ New Mexico To be Determined
Iowa @ Ohio State To be Determined
Akron @ Kent State To be Determined
Cincinnati @ Southern Methodist To be Determined
Mississippi State @ Alabama To be Determined
West Virginia @ Texas Tech To be Determined
Georgia Southern @ Old Dominion To be Determined
Western Michigan @ Miami (OH) To be Determined
Eastern Michigan @ Ball State 2:00 PM
UNLV @ Notre Dame 2:30 PM
Rice @ Louisiana Tech 3:00 PM
Purdue @ Wisconsin 3:30 PM
North Texas @ UTSA 3:30 PM
Northwestern @ Maryland 3:30 PM
Florida International @ Charlotte 3:30 PM
Hawaii @ Colorado State 4:00 PM
Florida Atlantic @ Texas-El Paso 4:00 PM
Southern Miss @ Texas State 5:00 PM
San Jose State @ New Mexico State 6:00 PM
Boise State @ Air Force 7:00 PM
Minnesota @ Penn State 7:30 PM
San Diego State @ Nevada 10:30 PM

Week 9

Thu Oct 27, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Louisiana-Lafayette @ Southern Miss 7:30 PM
Virginia Tech @ North Carolina State 7:30 PM
Utah @ Washington State 10:00 PM
Fri Oct 28, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
East Carolina @ Brigham Young 8:00 PM
Louisiana Tech @ Florida International 8:00 PM
Sat Oct 29, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Boston College @ Connecticut 12:00 PM
Oklahoma @ Iowa State To be Determined
Colorado State @ Boise State To be Determined
Rutgers @ Minnesota To be Determined
San Diego State @ Fresno State To be Determined
Texas Christian @ West Virginia To be Determined
Toledo @ Eastern Michigan To be Determined
Ohio State @ Penn State To be Determined
Illinois @ Nebraska To be Determined
Georgia Tech @ Florida State To be Determined
Southern Methodist @ Tulsa To be Determined
Pittsburgh @ North Carolina To be Determined
Baylor @ Texas Tech To be Determined
Mississippi @ Texas A&M To be Determined
Arizona State @ Colorado To be Determined
Stanford @ UCLA To be Determined
Michigan State @ Michigan To be Determined
Cincinnati @ Central Florida To be Determined
Missouri @ South Carolina To be Determined
Oregon @ California To be Determined
USC @ Arizona To be Determined
Miami (FL) @ Virginia To be Determined
Wake Forest @ Louisville To be Determined
Kentucky @ Tennessee To be Determined
South Florida @ Houston To be Determined
Arkansas @ Auburn To be Determined
Old Dominion @ Georgia State To be Determined
Robert Morris @ Appalachian State To be Determined
Notre Dame @ Syracuse To be Determined
Oklahoma State @ Kansas State To be Determined
Miami (OH) @ Akron To be Determined
Coastal Carolina @ Marshall To be Determined
Charlotte @ Rice 2:00 PM
Northwestern @ Iowa 3:00 PM
New Mexico State @ Massachusetts 3:30 PM
Florida @ Georgia 3:30 PM
Temple @ Navy 3:30 PM
North Texas @ Western Kentucky 3:30 PM
Alabama-Birmingham @ Florida Atlantic 7:00 PM
South Alabama @ Arkansas State 7:00 PM
Middle Tennessee @ Texas-El Paso 9:00 PM
Nevada @ San Jose State 10:30 PM
Wyoming @ Hawaii 12:00 AM

Week 10

Tue Nov 1, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Ball State @ Kent State To be Determined
Buffalo @ Ohio To be Determined
Wed Nov 2, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Central Michigan @ Northern Illinois 7:00 PM
Western Michigan @ Bowling Green 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 3, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Texas-El Paso @ Rice 7:00 PM
Appalachian State @ Coastal Carolina 7:30 PM
Fri Nov 4, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Duke @ Boston College 7:00 PM
Massachusetts @ Connecticut 7:00 PM
Oregon State @ Washington 10:30 PM
Sat Nov 5, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Air Force @ Army 11:30 AM
Western Kentucky @ Charlotte 12:00 PM
Oregon @ Colorado To be Determined
Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech To be Determined
Ohio State @ Northwestern To be Determined
Florida @ Texas A&M To be Determined
Brigham Young @ Boise State To be Determined
Arizona @ Utah To be Determined
James Madison @ Louisville To be Determined
South Carolina @ Vanderbilt To be Determined
Wake Forest @ North Carolina State To be Determined
Michigan @ Rutgers To be Determined
Penn State @ Indiana To be Determined
North Carolina @ Virginia To be Determined
California @ USC To be Determined
Troy @ Louisiana-Lafayette To be Determined
Colorado State @ San Jose State To be Determined
Florida State @ Miami (FL) To be Determined
Syracuse @ Pittsburgh To be Determined
Tulane @ Tulsa To be Determined
Auburn @ Mississippi State To be Determined
Texas @ Kansas State To be Determined
UCLA @ Arizona State To be Determined
Tennessee @ Georgia To be Determined
Maryland @ Wisconsin To be Determined
Minnesota @ Nebraska To be Determined
Iowa @ Purdue To be Determined
Oklahoma State @ Kansas To be Determined
Central Florida @ Memphis To be Determined
Baylor @ Oklahoma To be Determined
Washington State @ Stanford To be Determined
Alabama @ Louisiana State To be Determined
Georgia State @ Southern Miss To be Determined
West Virginia @ Iowa State To be Determined
Liberty @ Arkansas To be Determined
Texas Tech @ Texas Christian To be Determined
Houston @ Southern Methodist To be Determined
Navy @ Cincinnati To be Determined
Marshall @ Old Dominion To be Determined
South Florida @ Temple To be Determined
Hawaii @ Fresno State To be Determined
Michigan State @ Illinois To be Determined
Kentucky @ Missouri To be Determined
Middle Tennessee @ Louisiana Tech 3:00 PM
UTSA @ Alabama-Birmingham 3:30 PM
New Mexico @ Utah State 3:30 PM
South Alabama @ Georgia Southern 4:00 PM
Florida International @ North Texas 4:00 PM
Texas State @ Louisiana-Monroe 5:00 PM
UNLV @ San Diego State 7:00 PM
Clemson @ Notre Dame 7:30 PM

Week 11

Tue Nov 8, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Eastern Michigan @ Akron To be Determined
Ohio @ Miami (OH) To be Determined
Ball State @ Toledo To be Determined
Wed Nov 9, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Buffalo @ Central Michigan 7:00 PM
Kent State @ Bowling Green 7:00 PM
Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 10, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Georgia Southern @ Louisiana-Lafayette 7:30 PM
Tulsa @ Memphis 7:30 PM
Fri Nov 11, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
East Carolina @ Cincinnati 8:00 PM
Colorado @ USC 9:30 PM
Fresno State @ UNLV 10:30 PM
Sat Nov 12, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Notre Dame @ Navy 12:00 PM
Liberty @ Connecticut 12:00 PM
Temple @ Houston To be Determined
Southern Methodist @ South Florida To be Determined
Missouri @ Tennessee To be Determined
Georgia @ Mississippi State To be Determined
James Madison @ Old Dominion To be Determined
Massachusetts @ Arkansas State To be Determined
Oklahoma @ West Virginia To be Determined
Texas A&M @ Auburn To be Determined
Stanford @ Utah To be Determined
Texas Christian @ Texas To be Determined
Nebraska @ Michigan To be Determined
Washington @ Oregon To be Determined
Arizona State @ Washington State To be Determined
San Jose State @ San Diego State To be Determined
Miami (FL) @ Georgia Tech To be Determined
South Carolina @ Florida To be Determined
Indiana @ Ohio State To be Determined
Wisconsin @ Iowa To be Determined
Iowa State @ Oklahoma State To be Determined
California @ Oregon State To be Determined
Virginia Tech @ Duke To be Determined
Purdue @ Illinois To be Determined
Alabama @ Mississippi To be Determined
Louisville @ Clemson To be Determined
Kansas @ Texas Tech To be Determined
Florida State @ Syracuse To be Determined
Maryland @ Penn State To be Determined
Appalachian State @ Marshall To be Determined
Northwestern @ Minnesota To be Determined
Vanderbilt @ Kentucky To be Determined
Kansas State @ Baylor To be Determined
Central Florida @ Tulane To be Determined
Rutgers @ Michigan State To be Determined
Arizona @ UCLA To be Determined
Boston College @ North Carolina State To be Determined
Louisiana State @ Arkansas To be Determined
Southern Miss @ Coastal Carolina To be Determined
Louisiana-Monroe @ Georgia State To be Determined
North Carolina @ Wake Forest To be Determined
Pittsburgh @ Virginia To be Determined
Rice @ Western Kentucky 2:00 PM
Louisiana Tech @ UTSA 3:30 PM
Army @ Troy 3:30 PM
North Texas @ Alabama-Birmingham 3:30 PM
Charlotte @ Middle Tennessee 3:30 PM
New Mexico @ Air Force 3:30 PM
Lamar @ New Mexico State 4:00 PM
Texas State @ South Alabama 5:00 PM
Wyoming @ Colorado State 7:00 PM
Florida Atlantic @ Florida International 7:00 PM
Boise State @ Nevada 10:30 PM
Utah State @ Hawaii 11:00 PM

Week 12

Tue Nov 15, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Bowling Green @ Toledo 7:00 PM
Ohio @ Ball State 7:00 PM
Wed Nov 16, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Eastern Michigan @ Kent State To be Determined
Western Michigan @ Central Michigan To be Determined
Miami (OH) @ Northern Illinois To be Determined
Thu Nov 17, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Southern Methodist @ Tulane 7:30 PM
Fri Nov 18, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
San Diego State @ New Mexico To be Determined
South Florida @ Tulsa 9:00 PM
Sat Nov 19, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Austin Peay @ Alabama 12:00 PM
Connecticut @ Army 12:00 PM
Western Kentucky @ Auburn To be Determined
Navy @ Central Florida To be Determined
Wisconsin @ Nebraska To be Determined
USC @ UCLA To be Determined
Florida @ Vanderbilt To be Determined
Indiana @ Michigan State To be Determined
Miami (FL) @ Clemson To be Determined
Massachusetts @ Texas A&M To be Determined
Utah @ Oregon To be Determined
Houston @ East Carolina To be Determined
Texas Tech @ Iowa State To be Determined
East Tennessee @ Mississippi State To be Determined
New Mexico State @ Missouri To be Determined
Stanford @ California To be Determined
Old Dominion @ Appalachian State To be Determined
Duke @ Pittsburgh To be Determined
San Jose State @ Utah State To be Determined
Penn State @ Rutgers To be Determined
Kansas State @ West Virginia To be Determined
Tennessee @ South Carolina To be Determined
Iowa @ Minnesota To be Determined
UTSA @ Rice 1:00 PM
Ohio State @ Maryland To be Determined
Georgia @ Kentucky To be Determined
Virginia Tech @ Liberty To be Determined
Oregon State @ Arizona State To be Determined
Georgia State @ James Madison To be Determined
Syracuse @ Wake Forest To be Determined
Georgia Tech @ North Carolina To be Determined
South Alabama @ Southern Miss To be Determined
Louisiana-Lafayette @ Florida State To be Determined
Washington State @ Arizona To be Determined
Colorado State @ Air Force To be Determined
Alabama-Birmingham @ Louisiana State To be Determined
Colorado @ Washington To be Determined
Cincinnati @ Temple To be Determined
Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma To be Determined
Texas Christian @ Baylor To be Determined
North Carolina State @ Louisville To be Determined
Texas @ Kansas To be Determined
North Alabama @ Memphis To be Determined
Mississippi @ Arkansas To be Determined
Illinois @ Michigan To be Determined
Northwestern @ Purdue To be Determined
Coastal Carolina @ Virginia To be Determined
Boston College @ Notre Dame 2:30 PM
Akron @ Buffalo 3:30 PM
Dixie State @ Brigham Young 3:30 PM
Louisiana-Monroe @ Troy 3:30 PM
Louisiana Tech @ Charlotte 3:30 PM
Florida Atlantic @ Middle Tennessee 3:30 PM
Florida International @ Texas-El Paso 4:00 PM
Arkansas State @ Texas State 5:00 PM
Marshall @ Georgia Southern 6:00 PM
Boise State @ Wyoming 7:00 PM
Fresno State @ Nevada 10:30 PM
UNLV @ Hawaii 11:00 PM

Week 13

Tue Nov 22, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Ball State @ Miami (OH) 7:00 PM
Bowling Green @ Ohio 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 24, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Mississippi State @ Mississippi 7:00 PM
Fri Nov 25, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Toledo @ Western Michigan 12:00 PM
Central Michigan @ Eastern Michigan 12:00 PM
Utah State @ Boise State 12:00 PM
North Carolina State @ North Carolina To be Determined
Central Florida @ South Florida To be Determined
Baylor @ Texas To be Determined
Arizona State @ Arizona 3:00 PM
Arkansas @ Missouri 3:30 PM
New Mexico @ Colorado State 3:30 PM
Nebraska @ Iowa 4:00 PM
UCLA @ California 4:30 PM
Florida @ Florida State 7:30 PM
Wyoming @ Fresno State 10:00 PM
Sat Nov 26, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Michigan @ Ohio State 12:00 PM
Army @ Massachusetts 12:00 PM
Old Dominion @ South Alabama 12:00 PM
Western Kentucky @ Florida Atlantic 12:00 PM
Tulsa @ Houston To be Determined
Oregon @ Oregon State To be Determined
Tulane @ Cincinnati To be Determined
Wake Forest @ Duke To be Determined
Georgia State @ Marshall To be Determined
West Virginia @ Oklahoma State To be Determined
Tennessee @ Vanderbilt To be Determined
Notre Dame @ USC To be Determined
Illinois @ Northwestern To be Determined
Rutgers @ Maryland To be Determined
Pittsburgh @ Miami (FL) To be Determined
Louisville @ Kentucky To be Determined
Oklahoma @ Texas Tech To be Determined
Kent State @ Buffalo To be Determined
Louisiana State @ Texas A&M To be Determined
East Carolina @ Temple To be Determined
Syracuse @ Boston College To be Determined
South Carolina @ Clemson To be Determined
Troy @ Arkansas State To be Determined
Memphis @ Southern Methodist To be Determined
Auburn @ Alabama To be Determined
Akron @ Northern Illinois To be Determined
Purdue @ Indiana To be Determined
New Mexico State @ Liberty To be Determined
Michigan State @ Penn State To be Determined
Kansas @ Kansas State To be Determined
Utah @ Colorado To be Determined
Minnesota @ Wisconsin To be Determined
Brigham Young @ Stanford To be Determined
Virginia @ Virginia Tech To be Determined
Georgia Tech @ Georgia To be Determined
Washington @ Washington State To be Determined
Iowa State @ Texas Christian To be Determined
Coastal Carolina @ James Madison To be Determined
Rice @ North Texas 2:00 PM
Texas-El Paso @ UTSA 3:30 PM
Alabama-Birmingham @ Louisiana Tech 3:30 PM
Hawaii @ San Jose State 3:30 PM
Louisiana-Lafayette @ Texas State 5:00 PM
Southern Miss @ Louisiana-Monroe 5:00 PM
Nevada @ UNLV 6:00 PM
Appalachian State @ Georgia Southern 6:00 PM
Middle Tennessee @ Florida International 6:00 PM
Air Force @ San Diego State 9:00 PM

Week 15

Sat Dec 10, 2022
Teams Time (EDT) Game Info TV
Navy @ Army 3:00 PM

Week 0

Sat Aug 27, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Austin Peay 27@
Western Kentucky 38
APSU: DiLiello14/20-123
W Ky: Reed19/33-276
APSU: Samuel20-77
W Ky: Ervin-Poindexter15-48
APSU: Burns4-54
W Ky: Davis6-124
12:00 PM Boxscore
Nebraska 28@
Northwestern 31
Neb: Thompson25/42-355
NW: Hilinski27/38-314
Neb: Grant19-101
NW: Hull22-119
Neb: Garcia-Castaneda4-120
NW: Washington8-97
12:30 PM Boxscore
Idaho State 21@
IdSt: Vander Waal7/13-130
UNLV: Brumfield21/25-356
IdSt: Hunter13-26
UNLV: Reese7-73
IdSt: Dailey Jr.1-7
UNLV: White8-182
3:30 PM Boxscore
Connecticut 20@
Utah State 31
UConn: Turner12/31-109
UtSt: Bonner20/29-281
UConn: Carter20-190
UtSt: Tyler Jr.33-161
UConn: Turner3-32
UtSt: Cobbs8-108
4:00 PM Boxscore
Wyoming 6@
Illinois 38
Wyo: Peasley5/20-30
Ill: DeVito27/37-194
Wyo: Swen17-98
Ill: Brown19-151
Wyo: Cobbs2-14
Ill: Bryant3-44
4:00 PM Boxscore
Duquesne 7@
Florida State 47
Duq: Mischler7/17-71
FlaSt: Travis11/15-207
Duq: Ware11-30
FlaSt: Ward14-127
Duq: Janneh3-44
FlaSt: Poitier4-84
5:00 PM Boxscore
Charlotte 13@
Florida Atlantic 43
Char: Reynolds14/19-196
FlAtl: Perry16/22-256
Char: Byrd14-51
FlAtl: McCammon III14-118
Char: Dubose4-89
FlAtl: Wester4-66
7:00 PM Boxscore
Florida A&M 24@
North Carolina 56
FlaAM: Moussa28/38-279
UNC: Maye29/37-294
FlaAM: Jennings10-39
UNC: Hampton14-101
FlaAM: Smith10-78
UNC: Downs9-78
8:15 PM Boxscore
North Texas 31@
Texas-El Paso 13
NorTx: Aune16/29-236
UTEP: Hardison21/48-293
NorTx: Adeyi17-80
UTEP: Awatt10-36
NorTx: Burns3-72
UTEP: Smith7-127
9:00 PM Boxscore
Nevada 23@
New Mexico State 12
NEV: Illingworth7/12-51
NMS: Frakes9/13-143
NEV: Taua19-109
NMS: Pavia5-36
NEV: Mack4-40
NMS: Powers2-74
10:00 PM Boxscore
Vanderbilt 63@
Hawaii 10
Vand: Wright13/21-146
Hawaii: Schager18/35-161
Vand: Wright13-163
Hawaii: Parson13-82
Vand: Sheppard3-39
Hawaii: Panoke7-101
10:30 PM Boxscore

Week 1

Thu Sep 1, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
St. Francis (PA) 23@
Akron 30
StFPA: Sliwoski11/17-162
Akr: Irons22/37-286
StFPA: Horton18-86
Akr: Wiley21-84
StFPA: Snyder3-92
Akr: Jacques-Louis8-122
6:00 PM Boxscore
Bryant 37@
Florida International 38
Bry: Moloney11/19-106
FLInt: James16/31-207
Bry: Cichanowsky7-34
FLInt: Wilson Jr.11-43
Bry: Frederick3-101
FLInt: Chambers8-86
7:00 PM Boxscore
Central Michigan 44@
Oklahoma State 58
C Mi: Richardson36/49-424
OkSt: Sanders28/41-406
C Mi: Nichols III26-72
OkSt: Richardson9-61
C Mi: McGaughy6-126
OkSt: Johnson6-133
7:00 PM Boxscore
South Carolina State 10@
Central Florida 56
SCSt: Fields5/15-42
UCF: Plumlee20/31-308
SCSt: Nick6-28
UCF: Plumlee16-100
SCSt: Davis2-35
UCF: Baker5-84
7:00 PM Boxscore
West Virginia 31@
Pittsburgh 38
WVU: Daniels23/40-214
Pitt: Slovis16/24-308
WVU: Donaldson7-125
Pitt: Hammond16-74
WVU: Ford-Wheaton9-97
Pitt: Wayne3-89
7:00 PM Boxscore
Ball State 10@
Tennessee 59
Ball: Paddock27/43-269
Tenn: Hooker18/25-221
Ball: Steele11-27
Tenn: Wright13-88
Ball: Jackson5-65
Tenn: Tillman6-68
7:00 PM Boxscore
Long Island University 0@
Toledo 37
LIU: Stanzani7/10-36
Toled: Finn21/28-211
LIU: Bowen12-38
Toled: Finn12-64
LIU: Glascoe6-24
Toled: Turner3-87
7:00 PM Boxscore
Virginia Military 10@
Wake Forest 44
VMI: Morgan13/27-79
Wake: Griffis21/29-288
VMI: Morgan3-22
Wake: Turner13-100
VMI: Thomas5-29
Wake: Morin5-74
7:30 PM Boxscore
Alabama A&M 0@
Alabama-Birmingham 59
AlaAM: Casey4/11-22
UAB: Hopkins13/18-191
AlaAM: Jemison Jr.6-22
UAB: Brown Jr.10-114
AlaAM: Cox2-54
UAB: Palmer4-57
8:00 PM Boxscore
Penn State 35@
Purdue 31
PSU: Clifford20/37-282
Purd: O'Connell30/59-365
PSU: Singleton10-31
Purd: Doerue15-57
PSU: Tinsley7-84
Purd: Jones12-153
8:00 PM Boxscore
Louisiana Tech 24@
Missouri 52
LT: Downing20/35-194
MIZ: Cook18/27-201
LT: Crosby7-23
MIZ: Peat8-72
LT: Allen5-121
MIZ: Lovett6-76
8:00 PM Boxscore
Eastern Illinois 27@
Northern Illinois 34
E Il: O'Brien25/34-276
NIU: Lombardi14/22-192
E Il: Pierre14-100
NIU: Waylee14-83
E Il: Benefield4-57
NIU: Thornton6-81
8:00 PM Boxscore
New Mexico State 0@
Minnesota 38
NMS: Frakes2/7-43
MIN: Morgan13/19-174
NMS: Pavia3-14
MIN: Ibrahim21-132
NMS: Powers1-34
MIN: Brown-Stephens3-52
9:00 PM Boxscore
Northern Arizona 3@
Arizona State 40
NoAZ: Widener2/2-5
AzSt: Jones13/18-152
NoAZ: Robinson4-4
AzSt: Valladay15-116
NoAZ: Owen5-24
AzSt: Swinson3-50
10:00 PM Boxscore
Cal Poly 7@
Fresno State 35
CAPly: -
Fres: Haener36/42-377
CAPly: Harper15-40
Fres: Mims15-73
CAPly: Coleman3-74
Fres: Remigio9-100
10:30 PM Boxscore
Portland State 17@
San Jose State 21
PorSt: Chachere24/37-270
SJSU: Cordeiro15/30-239
PorSt: Chachere14-83
SJSU: Robinson10-35
PorSt: Kelly9-133
SJSU: Cooks6-123
10:30 PM Boxscore
Fri Sep 2, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
William & Mary 41@
Charlotte 24
W&M: Mathis2/2-31
Char: Williams12/23-201
W&M: Yoder15-120
Char: Williams10-48
W&M: Pitts1-65
Char: Spencer5-107
7:00 PM Boxscore
Eastern Kentucky 34@
Eastern Michigan 42
E Ky: McKinney35/51-351
E Mi: Powell21/30-271
E Ky: McKinney7-49
E Mi: Evans15-89
E Ky: Allen9-118
E Mi: Drummond4-62
7:00 PM Boxscore
Western Michigan 13@
Michigan State 35
WestMI: Salopek21/36-193
MSU: Thorne12/24-233
WestMI: Tyler13-68
MSU: Berger16-120
WestMI: Galloway4-70
MSU: Coleman4-84
7:00 PM Boxscore
Virginia Tech 17@
Old Dominion 20
VaTec: Wells21/36-197
OD: Wolff14/35-165
VaTec: King19-111
OD: Watson19-60
VaTec: Gallo7-49
OD: Jennings5-122
7:00 PM Boxscore
Temple 0@
Duke 30
Temp: Mathis11/21-83
Duke: Leonard24/30-328
Temp: Saydee8-16
Duke: Leonard11-64
Temp: Barbon5-45
Duke: Calhoun6-90
7:30 PM Boxscore
Illinois 20@
Indiana 23
Ill: DeVito21/35-232
Ind: Bazelak28/52-330
Ill: Brown36-199
Ind: Shivers15-28
Ill: Williams9-112
Ind: Camper11-156
8:00 PM Boxscore
Tennessee Tech 10@
Kansas 56
TnTec: Oatsvall10/18-76
Kans: Daniels15/18-189
TnTec: Oatsvall12-42
Kans: Neal4-108
TnTec: Miller3-28
Kans: Skinner1-56
8:00 PM Boxscore
Texas Christian 38@
Colorado 13
TCU: Morris13/20-111
Colo: Shrout13/23-157
TCU: Miller8-52
Colo: Lewis8-42
TCU: Williams3-31
Colo: Arias4-66
10:00 PM Boxscore
Sat Sep 3, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Delaware 14@
Navy 7
Del: Henderson20/32-189
Navy: Lavatai5/13-135
Del: Watson6-15
Navy: Fofana15-47
Del: Harvin3-69
Navy: Haywood2-77
12:00 PM Boxscore
Rutgers 22@
Boston College 21
Rut: Simon8/13-63
BC: Jurkovec23/41-283
Rut: Monangai19-64
BC: Garwo III14-25
Rut: Langan2-25
BC: Flowers10-117
12:00 PM Boxscore
Buffalo 10@
Maryland 31
Buff: Snyder18/35-160
MD: Tagovailoa24/34-290
Buff: Cook Jr.15-33
MD: Hemby7-114
Buff: Marshall4-52
MD: Jarrett6-110
12:00 PM Boxscore
Sam Houston State 0@
Texas A&M 31
SamHu: Yates14/28-91
TxAM: King20/31-364
SamHu: Yates14-60
TxAM: Achane18-42
SamHu: Smith4-35
TxAM: Smith6-164
12:00 PM Boxscore
Colorado State 7@
Michigan 51
ColSt: Millen16/20-137
Mich: McNamara9/18-136
ColSt: Vivens10-35
Mich: Corum13-76
ColSt: Horton6-69
Mich: Wilson2-65
12:00 PM Boxscore
Central Connecticut State 3@
Connecticut 28
CenCt: Williams16/30-164
UConn: Turner14/22-172
CenCt: Thomas5-63
UConn: Carter23-123
CenCt: Petteway6-61
UConn: Turner2-57
12:00 PM Boxscore
North Carolina 63@
Appalachian State 61
UNC: Maye24/36-352
App: Brice25/36-361
UNC: Hood6-87
App: Noel14-116
UNC: Paysour8-92
App: Davis6-72
12:00 PM Boxscore
South Dakota State 3@
Iowa 7
Iowa: Petras11/25-109
Iowa: Williams24-72
SDSU: Janke2-24
Iowa: Bruce5-68
12:00 PM Boxscore
North Carolina State 21@
East Carolina 20
NCSt: Leary17/33-211
ECU: Ahlers25/41-267
NCSt: Sumo14-79
ECU: Ahlers5-57
NCSt: Thomas4-58
ECU: Johnson6-90
12:00 PM Boxscore
Richmond 17@
Virginia 34
Rich: Udinski23/34-160
UVA: Armstrong21/33-246
Rich: Smith13-88
UVA: Armstrong10-105
Rich: Williams9-67
UVA: Davis Jr.4-89
12:30 PM Boxscore
Northern Iowa 17@
Air Force 48
NoIa: Day20/32-286
AF: Daniels3/6-109
NoIa: Pesek-Hickson3-27
AF: Roberts8-114
NoIa: McShane6-106
AF: Kinamon1-80
1:00 PM Boxscore
Southeast Missouri State 10@
Iowa State 42
IASt: Dekkers25/31-293
SEMO: Rucker3-9
IASt: Brock16-104
SEMO: King6-46
IASt: Hutchinson8-128
2:00 PM Boxscore
Bowling Green 17@
BGSU: McDonald17/34-125
UCLA: Thompson-Robinson32/43-298
BGSU: Johnson10-45
UCLA: Charbonnet21-111
BGSU: Lewis3-33
UCLA: Allen10-85
2:30 PM Boxscore
Cincinnati 24@
Arkansas 31
Cin: Bryant26/43-325
Ark: Jefferson18/26-223
Cin: Kiner12-59
Ark: Sanders20-117
Cin: Scott5-77
Ark: Knox6-75
3:30 PM Boxscore
Houston 37@
Hou: Tune22/32-206
UTSA: Harris28/43-337
Hou: Tune15-51
UTSA: Harris8-63
Hou: Dell5-50
UTSA: Cephus7-106
3:30 PM Boxscore
Bethune-Cookman 13@
Miami (FL) 70
B-C: Jones11/20-243
MiaFL: Van Dyke13/16-193
B-C: Byrd8-30
MiaFL: Parrish Jr.14-108
B-C: Riley2-68
MiaFL: Restrepo5-100
3:30 PM Boxscore
Texas-El Paso 13@
Oklahoma 45
UTEP: Hardison26/42-244
Okla: Gabriel15/23-233
UTEP: Awatt12-39
Okla: Gray16-102
UTEP: Flores7-76
Okla: Mims3-81
3:30 PM Boxscore
North Dakota 17@
Nebraska 38
UND: Schuster24/37-131
Neb: Thompson14/21-193
UND: Hoosman10-41
Neb: Grant23-189
UND: Maag2-21
Neb: Palmer4-82
3:30 PM Boxscore
Arizona 38@
San Diego State 20
Ariz: de Laura22/35-299
SDSU: Burmeister5/10-51
Ariz: Williams14-88
SDSU: Davis8-39
Ariz: Cowing8-152
SDSU: Christon2-19
3:30 PM Boxscore
Tulsa 37@
Wyoming 40
Tuls: Brin30/52-460
Wyo: Peasley20/30-256
Tuls: Anderson10-40
Wyo: Peasley10-45
Tuls: Stokes11-169
Wyo: Cobbs5-77
3:30 PM Boxscore
Norfolk State 3@
Marshall 55
Norf: Adams3/4-54
Marsh: Colombi24/26-205
Norf: Boyd3-3
Marsh: Payne11-110
Norf: Butler1-28
Marsh: Keaton8-71
3:30 PM Boxscore
Oregon 3@
Georgia 49
Oreg: Nix21/37-173
UGA: Bennett25/31-368
Oreg: Nix8-37
UGA: Milton8-50
Oreg: Ferguson4-37
UGA: McIntosh9-117
3:30 PM Boxscore
UC Davis 13@
California 34
UCDav: Hastings32/50-242
Cal: Plummer23/35-268
UCDav: Larison3-14
Cal: Ott17-104
UCDav: Davis5-53
Cal: Hunter6-78
4:00 PM Boxscore
Brigham Young 50@
South Florida 21
BYU: Hall25/32-261
SoFL: Bohanon17/30-172
BYU: Brooks13-135
SoFL: Mangham10-39
BYU: Roberts3-41
SoFL: Weaver5-113
4:00 PM Boxscore
Troy 10@
Mississippi 28
Troy: Watson34/47-275
Miss: Dart18/27-154
Troy: Vidal12-48
Miss: Evans20-130
Troy: Barber5-60
Miss: Trigg4-33
4:00 PM Boxscore
Nicholls State 7@
South Alabama 48
Nich: Granier15/27-106
SoAl: Bradley17/25-260
Nich: Gums9-33
SoAl: Webb18-98
Nich: Franklin3-14
SoAl: Wayne3-98
5:00 PM Boxscore
Texas State 14@
Nevada 38
TxSt: Hatcher34/52-293
NEV: Illingworth11/13-101
TxSt: Jeter10-22
NEV: Barlage1-37
TxSt: Hawkins11-101
NEV: Bell6-60
5:30 PM Boxscore
Florida Atlantic 38@
Ohio 41
FlAtl: Perry24/42-364
Ohio: Rourke27/34-345
FlAtl: McCammon III14-60
Ohio: Bangura23-114
FlAtl: Burton5-115
Ohio: Bostic III6-136
6:00 PM Boxscore
Middle Tennessee 7@
James Madison 44
MidTN: Cunningham18/32-110
JMU: Centeio21/33-287
MidTN: Sparrow6-15
JMU: Centeio14-110
MidTN: Ali8-60
JMU: Thornton11-145
6:00 PM Boxscore
Rice 14@
USC 66
Rice: Green8/13-69
USC: Williams19/22-249
Rice: Montgomery6-99
USC: Williams6-68
Rice: McCaffrey5-51
USC: Washington4-65
6:00 PM Boxscore
Morgan State 7@
Georgia Southern 59
Mor: Baker10/21-78
GaSo: Vantrease29/46-367
Mor: Johnson8-36
GaSo: Arnold6-45
Mor: Johnson2-4
GaSo: Kenerson7-99
6:00 PM Boxscore
South Dakota 0@
Kansas State 34
SD: Camp18/34-139
K St: Martinez11/15-53
SD: Theis11-56
K St: Vaughn18-126
SD: Goehring3-19
K St: Swanson2-23
7:00 PM Boxscore
Liberty 29@
Southern Miss 27
Lib: Salter8/13-148
SMiss: Keyes4/8-89
Lib: Salter9-65
SMiss: Gore Jr.32-178
Lib: Douglas5-97
SMiss: Caston2-54
7:00 PM Boxscore
Massachusetts 10@
Tulane 42
UMass: Campiotti2/6-12
Tul: Pratt12/20-164
UMass: Baldwin Jr.13-65
Tul: Spears12-57
UMass: Johnson1-11
Tul: Jackson1-34
7:00 PM Boxscore
Elon 31@
Vanderbilt 42
Elon: McKay19/32-333
Vand: Wright18/29-245
Elon: McKay13-52
Vand: Davis20-95
Elon: Parham8-143
Vand: McGowan4-118
7:00 PM Boxscore
Illinois State 0@
Wisconsin 38
IllSt: Annexstad16/24-186
Wisc: Mertz14/16-219
IllSt: White4-22
Wisc: Allen14-148
IllSt: Carr2-36
Wisc: Dike3-106
7:00 PM Boxscore
Mercer 16@
Auburn 42
Mer: Payton21/36-197
Aub: Finley9/14-112
Mer: Douglas9-40
Aub: Bigsby16-147
Mer: Harper5-45
Aub: Johnson4-117
7:00 PM Boxscore
Miami (OH) 13@
Kentucky 37
MiaOH: Gabbert20/28-166
KY: Levis21/32-303
MiaOH: Shelton7-50
KY: Smoke7-32
MiaOH: Hippenhammer7-85
KY: Robinson6-136
7:00 PM Boxscore
Albany 10@
Baylor 69
Alb: Poffenbarger13/26-150
Bayl: Shapen17/20-214
Alb: Poffenbarger12-45
Bayl: Reese9-62
Alb: Greaney3-57
Bayl: Baldwin4-84
7:00 PM Boxscore
Army 28@
Coastal Carolina 38
Army: Ballard3/5-88
CoCar: McCall12/17-174
Army: Robinson9-135
CoCar: White21-133
Army: Murphy1-73
CoCar: Pinckney3-69
7:00 PM Boxscore
Utah 26@
Florida 29
Utah: Rising22/32-216
Fla: Richardson17/24-168
Utah: Thomas23-115
Fla: Richardson11-106
Utah: Kuithe9-105
Fla: Pearsall4-67
7:00 PM Boxscore
Southeastern Louisiana 7@
Louisiana-Lafayette 24
SouLA: -
ULLaf: Fields13/20-173
SouLA: Washington Jr.10-57
ULLaf: Williams10-61
SouLA: Logan-Greene5-44
ULLaf: Lumpkin5-72
7:00 PM Boxscore
Grambling State 3@
Arkansas State 58
Gram: -
ArkSt: Blackman15/20-210
Gram: Handy2-4
ArkSt: Lang Jr.13-124
Gram: Waters1-9
ArkSt: Flemings7-122
7:00 PM Boxscore
Memphis 23@
Mississippi State 49
Mem: Henigan19/30-165
MisSt: Rogers38/49-450
Mem: Ducker5-63
MisSt: Johnson14-67
Mem: Martin5-58
MisSt: Thomas5-81
7:30 PM Boxscore
Georgia State 14@
South Carolina 35
GASt: Grainger7/29-111
SCar: Rattler23/37-227
GASt: Williams13-76
SCar: Bell7-39
GASt: Thrash4-70
SCar: Brooks4-88
7:30 PM Boxscore
Utah State 0@
Alabama 55
UtSt: Bonner3/9-39
Ala: Young18/28-195
UtSt: Briggs10-28
Ala: Young5-100
UtSt: Cobbs2-33
Ala: Holden5-70
7:30 PM Boxscore
Southern Methodist 48@
North Texas 10
SMU: Mordecai23/32-432
NorTx: Aune14/29-186
SMU: Siggers12-54
NorTx: Adaway III20-117
SMU: Rice8-166
NorTx: Maclin1-53
7:30 PM Boxscore
Notre Dame 10@
Ohio State 21
ND: Buchner10/18-177
OSU: Stroud24/34-223
ND: Tyree6-28
OSU: Henderson15-91
ND: Styles1-54
OSU: Egbuka9-90
7:30 PM Boxscore
Louisville 7@
Syracuse 31
Lou: Cunningham16/22-152
Syr: Shrader18/25-236
Lou: Evans13-89
Syr: Tucker21-100
Lou: Hudson8-102
Syr: Tucker6-84
8:00 PM Boxscore
Louisiana-Monroe 10@
Texas 52
ULMon: Rogers14/19-108
Tex: Ewers16/24-225
ULMon: Martin4-39
Tex: Robinson10-71
ULMon: Frett4-61
Tex: Sanders6-85
8:00 PM Boxscore
Murray State 10@
Texas Tech 63
Murr: -
TxTch: Smith14/16-221
Murr: -
TxTch: Brooks6-50
Murr: Bell2-76
TxTch: Fouonji4-110
8:00 PM Boxscore
Maine 0@
New Mexico 41
Maine: Fagnano12/27-96
NM: Kendrick14/17-170
Maine: Banks5-22
NM: White13-58
Maine: Bowman3-40
NM: Porter5-54
8:00 PM Boxscore
Colgate 10@
Stanford 41
Colg: Kirk1/1-2
Stan: McKee22/27-308
Colg: Hurleman12-65
Stan: Smith11-118
Colg: Ryan1-21
Stan: Humphreys4-88
8:00 PM Boxscore
Idaho 17@
Washington State 24
Idaho: McCoy21/32-212
WaSt: Ward26/41-228
Idaho: Woods9-50
WaSt: Watson18-117
Idaho: Jackson6-113
WaSt: Ollie7-67
9:30 PM Boxscore
Kent State 20@
Washington 45
Kent: Schlee12/24-178
Wash: Penix Jr.26/39-345
Kent: Schlee8-47
Wash: Taulapapa11-57
Kent: Cephas6-105
Wash: McMillan5-87
10:30 PM Boxscore
Boise State 17@
Oregon State 34
Boise: Green19/28-155
OreSt: Nolan14/23-251
Boise: Green11-102
OreSt: Colletto3-44
Boise: Jeanty6-52
OreSt: Musgrave6-89
10:30 PM Boxscore
Western Kentucky 49@
Hawaii 17
W Ky: Reed-271
Hawaii: Schager-230
W Ky: Robichaux-49
Hawaii: Bryant-64
W Ky: Davis-78
Hawaii: Walthall-53
12:00 AM Boxscore
Sun Sep 4, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Florida State 24@
Louisiana State 23
FlaSt: Travis20/33-260
LSU: Daniels25/34-209
FlaSt: Ward16-49
LSU: Daniels16-114
FlaSt: Wilson7-102
LSU: Jenkins5-46
7:30 PM Boxscore
Mon Sep 5, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Clemson 41@
Georgia Tech 10
Clem: Uiagalelei19/32-210
GATec: Sims23/36-164
Clem: Shipley10-42
GATec: Sims13-41
Clem: Collins3-54
GATec: McCollum6-55
8:00 PM Boxscore

Week 2

Fri Sep 9, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Louisville 20@
Central Florida 14
Lou: Cunningham14/29-201
UCF: Plumlee16/34-131
Lou: Cunningham17-121
UCF: Plumlee17-83
Lou: Hudson3-67
UCF: Baker5-84
7:30 PM Boxscore
Boise State 31@
New Mexico 14
Boise: Bachmeier16/27-170
NM: Kendrick9/28-98
Boise: Jeanty12-72
NM: White2-22
Boise: Bowens3-50
NM: Porter2-73
9:00 PM Boxscore
Sat Sep 10, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Wake Forest 45@
Vanderbilt 25
Wake: Hartman18/27-300
Vand: Swann8/11-146
Wake: Cooley9-57
Vand: Davis18-87
Wake: Perry5-142
Vand: McGowan3-56
12:00 PM Boxscore
Arkansas State 12@
Ohio State 45
ArkSt: Blackman20/34-188
OSU: Stroud16/24-351
ArkSt: Flemings2-20
OSU: Henderson10-87
ArkSt: Flemings10-105
OSU: Harrison7-184
12:00 PM Boxscore
Southern Miss 7@
Miami (FL) 30
SMiss: Wilcke16/27-207
MiaFL: Van Dyke21/30-263
SMiss: Wilcke12-26
MiaFL: Parrish Jr.23-109
SMiss: Brownlee5-102
MiaFL: Restrepo6-72
12:00 PM Boxscore
Ohio 10@
Penn State 46
Ohio: Rourke14/30-119
PSU: Clifford19/27-213
Ohio: Rourke5-29
PSU: Singleton10-179
Ohio: Bangura2-35
PSU: Washington4-60
12:00 PM Boxscore
North Carolina 35@
Georgia State 28
UNC: Maye19/24-284
GASt: Grainger16/24-186
UNC: Hampton16-110
GASt: Gregg18-79
UNC: Paysour5-73
GASt: Lewis7-115
12:00 PM Boxscore
Alabama 20@
Texas 19
Ala: Young27/39-213
Tex: Card14/22-158
Ala: McClellan6-97
Tex: Robinson21-57
Ala: Gibbs9-74
Tex: Worthy5-97
12:00 PM Boxscore
Duke 31@
Northwestern 23
Duke: Leonard13/24-240
NW: Hilinski36/60-435
Duke: Waters10-91
NW: Hull17-65
Duke: Calhoun6-108
NW: Hull14-213
12:00 PM Boxscore
Western Illinois 10@
Minnesota 62
WIl: Ogala8/17-34
MIN: Morgan14/18-287
WIl: Ogala2-17
MIN: Ibrahim23-130
WIl: Armstrong5-72
MIN: Autman-Bell5-118
12:00 PM Boxscore
South Carolina 30@
Arkansas 44
SCar: Rattler24/39-377
Ark: Jefferson18/21-162
SCar: McDowell6-35
Ark: Sanders24-156
SCar: Wells Jr.8-189
Ark: Landers4-45
12:00 PM Boxscore
UTSA 41@
Army 38
UTSA: Harris32/45-359
Army: Ballard11/15-221
UTSA: Brady19-76
Army: Tyler10-62
UTSA: Franklin10-122
Army: Marshall3-87
12:00 PM Boxscore
Missouri 12@
Kansas State 40
MIZ: Cook15/27-128
K St: Martinez9/20-101
MIZ: Cook13-56
K St: Vaughn24-145
MIZ: Lovett3-66
K St: Brooks3-57
12:00 PM Boxscore
Charleston Southern 3@
North Carolina State 55
ChaSo: Malmgren19/37-111
NCSt: Leary16/25-238
ChaSo: Malmgren1--13
NCSt: Sumo7-70
ChaSo: Jordan4-31
NCSt: Smith2-58
12:30 PM Boxscore
South Alabama 38@
Central Michigan 24
SoAl: Bradley26/42-337
C Mi: Richardson22/46-267
SoAl: Webb21-93
C Mi: Lukes3-36
SoAl: Wayne10-98
C Mi: Wilson7-73
1:00 PM Boxscore
Southern Utah 7@
Utah 73
SoUt: Miller11/21-42
Utah: Rising17/23-254
SoUt: Robison2-27
Utah: Curry6-60
SoUt: Patrick Jr.4-17
Utah: Kincaid7-107
1:30 PM Boxscore
Lafayette 14@
Temple 30
Lafay: -
Temp: Warner14/19-173
Lafay: Sutton4-4
Temp: Hubbard10-59
Lafay: Young3-19
Temp: Barbon8-118
2:00 PM Boxscore
Western Michigan 37@
Ball State 30
WestMI: Salopek25/43-230
Ball: Paddock24/41-301
WestMI: Tyler15-108
Ball: Steele26-137
WestMI: Crooms10-102
Ball: Abdur-Rahman7-89
2:00 PM Boxscore
Marshall 26@
Notre Dame 21
Marsh: Colombi16/21-145
ND: Buchner18/32-201
Marsh: Laborn31-163
ND: Buchner13-44
Marsh: Harrison3-38
ND: Mayer8-103
2:30 PM Boxscore
Appalachian State 17@
Texas A&M 14
App: Brice15/30-134
TxAM: King13/20-97
App: Peoples19-112
TxAM: Achane10-66
App: Davis4-39
TxAM: Stewart5-48
3:30 PM Boxscore
Memphis 37@
Navy 13
Mem: Henigan24/34-415
Navy: Lavatai3/7-99
Mem: Martin5-56
Navy: Haywood8-54
Mem: Rogers5-95
Navy: Hall1-62
3:30 PM Boxscore
Maryland 56@
Charlotte 21
MD: Tagovailoa27/31-391
Char: Williams19/35-191
MD: McDonald4-61
Char: Byrd11-38
MD: Copeland4-110
Char: Spencer4-98
3:30 PM Boxscore
Colorado 10@
Air Force 41
Colo: Shrout5/21-51
AF: Daniels1/5-8
Colo: Smith11-59
AF: Roberts24-174
Colo: Arias2-36
AF: Kinamon1-8
3:30 PM Boxscore
Tennessee 34@
Pittsburgh 27
Tenn: Hooker27/42-325
Pitt: Slovis14/24-195
Tenn: Wright9-47
Pitt: Abanikanda25-154
Tenn: Tillman9-162
Pitt: Bartholomew5-84
3:30 PM Boxscore
Kennesaw State 10@
Cincinnati 63
KSU: -
Cin: Bryant16/19-201
KSU: -
Cin: Montgomery5-104
KSU: -
Cin: Thompson4-68
3:30 PM Boxscore
Furman 12@
Clemson 35
Furm: Huff31/40-259
Clem: Uiagalelei21/27-231
Furm: Abrams7-29
Clem: Shipley10-68
Furm: Miller13-95
Clem: Collins4-57
3:30 PM Boxscore
Washington State 17@
Wisconsin 14
WaSt: Ward17/28-200
Wisc: Mertz18/31-227
WaSt: Watson10-33
Wisc: Allen21-98
WaSt: Bell2-49
Wisc: Lewis2-62
3:30 PM Boxscore
Wagner 7@
Rutgers 66
Wagn: Kargman12/23-126
Rut: Simon10/12-151
Wagn: Guy-Barnes5-17
Rut: Salaam8-69
Wagn: Simmons3-55
Rut: Long2-69
4:00 PM Boxscore
Akron 0@
Michigan State 52
Akr: Irons9/13-123
MSU: Thorne18/28-212
Akr: Wiley10-30
MSU: Berger17-107
Akr: George4-44
MSU: Reed6-76
4:00 PM Boxscore
Eastern Kentucky 59@
Bowling Green 57
E Ky: McKinney33/47-324
BGSU: McDonald23/40-283
E Ky: McKinney15-36
BGSU: McDonald5-64
E Ky: Allen6-67
BGSU: Lewis3-60
4:00 PM Boxscore
Iowa State 10@
Iowa 7
IASt: Dekkers25/38-184
Iowa: Petras12/26-92
IASt: Brock27-100
Iowa: Williams14-34
IASt: Hutchinson11-98
Iowa: LaPorta8-55
4:00 PM Boxscore
Portland State 6@
Washington 52
PorSt: Chachere6/17-50
Wash: Penix Jr.20/27-337
PorSt: McGee12-58
Wash: Taulapapa12-94
PorSt: Bennett3-25
Wash: McMillan4-127
4:00 PM Boxscore
Samford 0@
Georgia 33
Sam: -
UGA: Bennett24/34-300
Sam: Stanton5-12
UGA: Milton10-85
Sam: King4-52
UGA: McIntosh5-61
4:00 PM Boxscore
UNLV 14@
California 20
UNLV: Brumfield18/33-206
Cal: Plummer28/39-278
UNLV: Robbins14-84
Cal: Ott7-52
UNLV: White4-59
Cal: Hunter5-79
4:00 PM Boxscore
Indiana State 0@
Purdue 56
InSt: Olaes3/6-11
Purd: O'Connell17/19-211
InSt: Hodge9-32
Purd: Mockobee13-78
InSt: Hendrix5-90
Purd: Jones9-133
4:00 PM Boxscore
Houston 30@
Texas Tech 33
Hou: Tune20/39-266
TxTch: Smith36/58-350
Hou: Campbell16-80
TxTch: Brooks17-78
Hou: Dell7-120
TxTch: Price5-78
4:00 PM Boxscore
Middle Tennessee 34@
Colorado State 19
MidTN: Cunningham31/39-266
ColSt: Millen20/30-256
MidTN: Peasant22-93
ColSt: Vivens12-41
MidTN: Gathings11-92
ColSt: Horton9-186
4:00 PM Boxscore
Virginia 3@
Illinois 24
UVA: Armstrong13/32-180
Ill: DeVito17/25-196
UVA: Woolfolk1-31
Ill: Brown20-146
UVA: Davis Jr.2-67
Ill: Bryant2-60
4:00 PM Boxscore
Northern Colorado 10@
Wyoming 33
NoCol: Sirmon12/27-91
Wyo: Peasley19/30-144
NoCol: Gallup1-9
Wyo: Swen15-76
NoCol: Arrington2-32
Wyo: Wieland5-53
4:00 PM Boxscore
Norfolk State 7@
James Madison 63
Norf: Kuhns9/20-203
JMU: Centeio12/17-165
Norf: -
JMU: Agyei-Obese12-88
Norf: Felton3-141
JMU: Thornton7-102
4:00 PM Boxscore
Alabama State 7@
AlaSt: Owens1/3-1
UCLA: Garbers14/18-164
AlaSt: Dunn5-28
UCLA: Harden7-56
AlaSt: Shenault3-45
UCLA: Ryan3-58
5:00 PM Boxscore
Incarnate Word 55@
Nevada 41
IW: Scott Jr.18/25-406
NEV: Cox22/43-302
IW: Cooper16-84
NEV: Taua24-101
IW: Grimes6-101
NEV: Casteel5-85
5:30 PM Boxscore
Robert Morris 14@
Miami (OH) 31
RMor: Simmons8/13-41
MiaOH: Smith14/22-155
RMor: Jackson13-43
MiaOH: Davis5-63
RMor: Smith1-79
MiaOH: Muersch4-55
6:00 PM Boxscore
Holy Cross 37@
Buffalo 31
HolyC: Sluka13/21-238
Buff: Snyder23/34-305
HolyC: Sluka25-146
Buff: Washington12-55
HolyC: Coker4-147
Buff: Marshall5-116
6:00 PM Boxscore
Southeastern Louisiana 9@
Florida Atlantic 42
SouLA: -
FlAtl: Perry18/30-259
SouLA: Washington Jr.7-33
FlAtl: Mobley20-146
SouLA: Turner3-52
FlAtl: Wester8-140
6:00 PM Boxscore
Gardner-Webb 27@
Coastal Carolina 31
GWebb: Fisher27/37-403
CoCar: McCall22/30-308
GWebb: Fisher16-10
CoCar: White13-35
GWebb: Luther5-188
CoCar: Pinckney7-87
6:00 PM Boxscore
Alabama-Birmingham 14@
Liberty 21
UAB: Hopkins10/15-114
Lib: Salter13/25-202
UAB: McBride20-177
Lib: Salter14-79
UAB: Shropshire1-56
Lib: Frith2-75
6:00 PM Boxscore
Old Dominion 21@
East Carolina 39
OD: Wolff18/30-275
ECU: Ahlers25/39-270
OD: Watson5-45
ECU: Mitchell18-160
OD: Jennings8-200
ECU: Johnson9-93
6:00 PM Boxscore
Kansas 55@
West Virginia 42
Kans: Daniels18/29-219
WVU: Daniels28/40-355
Kans: Daniels12-85
WVU: Mathis Jr.16-59
Kans: Grimm6-66
WVU: Ford-Wheaton11-152
6:00 PM Boxscore
Florida International 12@
Texas State 41
FLInt: James30/47-196
TxSt: Hatcher15/30-226
FLInt: James8-18
TxSt: Hill28-195
FLInt: Chambers10-72
TxSt: Brown2-68
7:00 PM Boxscore
Weber State 35@
Utah State 7
Web: Barron11/22-202
UtSt: Bonner12/31-120
Web: Davis18-94
UtSt: Tyler Jr.18-64
Web: MacPherson3-89
UtSt: McGriff3-42
7:00 PM Boxscore
Central Arkansas 3@
Mississippi 59
C Ark: McElvain13/27-126
Miss: Dart10/15-182
C Ark: McDowell2-24
Miss: Judkins10-104
C Ark: Barnes6-84
Miss: Mingo3-103
7:00 PM Boxscore
Northern Illinois 35@
Tulsa 38
NIU: Lombardi18/31-259
Tuls: Brin19/32-322
NIU: Brown20-73
Tuls: Anderson18-58
NIU: Tucker7-123
Tuls: Stokes8-135
7:00 PM Boxscore
Western Carolina 17@
Georgia Tech 35
WCU: -
GATec: Sims8/17-100
WCU: -
GATec: Smith11-102
WCU: Horne1-49
GATec: Carter2-22
7:00 PM Boxscore
Eastern Michigan 21@
Louisiana-Lafayette 49
E Mi: Powell31/50-317
ULLaf: Wooldridge12/13-169
E Mi: Jackson5-37
ULLaf: Washington8-45
E Mi: Knue8-89
ULLaf: Stephens Jr.3-103
7:00 PM Boxscore
Stephen F. Austin 17@
Louisiana Tech 52
SFA: Self9/22-82
LT: McNeil11/23-197
SFA: Self8-39
LT: Crosby16-197
SFA: Rikel4-75
LT: Harris4-72
7:00 PM Boxscore
Alabama A&M 17@
Troy 38
AlaAM: Casey6/15-110
Troy: Watson23/34-351
AlaAM: Quarles16-35
Troy: Vidal10-38
AlaAM: Cox3-99
Troy: Barber5-105
7:00 PM Boxscore
Kentucky 26@
Florida 16
KY: Levis13/24-202
Fla: Richardson14/35-143
KY: Smoke14-80
Fla: Johnson7-62
KY: Key3-83
Fla: Henderson6-50
7:00 PM Boxscore
Alcorn State 0@
Tulane 52
AlcSt: Quinn2/4-34
Tul: Pratt17/21-318
AlcSt: Duffey7-19
Tul: Celestine11-43
AlcSt: McNair2-8
Tul: Wyatt5-130
7:00 PM Boxscore
Howard 20@
South Florida 42
How: Williams28/37-250
SoFL: Bohanon17/28-219
How: Wheeler10-70
SoFL: Battie7-105
How: Murray5-50
SoFL: Weaver7-57
7:00 PM Boxscore
Kent State 3@
Oklahoma 33
Kent: Schlee11/19-131
Okla: Gabriel21/28-296
Kent: Cooper22-55
Okla: Gray10-71
Kent: Cephas4-50
Okla: Mims7-163
7:00 PM Boxscore
Lamar 16@
Southern Methodist 45
Lamar: -
SMU: Mordecai18/31-212
Lamar: Griffin13-31
SMU: Gardner11-100
Lamar: -
SMU: Rice9-132
7:00 PM Boxscore
Syracuse 48@
Connecticut 14
Syr: Shrader20/23-292
UConn: Turner14/17-92
Syr: Tucker27-112
UConn: Carter16-71
Syr: Alford1-47
UConn: Turner6-71
7:00 PM Boxscore
Massachusetts 10@
Toledo 55
UMass: Campiotti5/14-27
Toled: Finn12/26-177
UMass: Campiotti12-65
Toled: Finn7-74
UMass: Sullivan-Brown3-31
Toled: Newton4-106
7:00 PM Boxscore
Texas Southern 27@
North Texas 59
TxSo: -
NorTx: Aune11/20-218
TxSo: Owens10-94
NorTx: Adeyi10-135
TxSo: Morton7-115
NorTx: Maclin3-80
7:30 PM Boxscore
Arizona State 17@
Oklahoma State 34
AzSt: Jones12/24-223
OkSt: Sanders21/38-268
AzSt: Valladay21-118
OkSt: Richardson27-131
AzSt: Sanders3-94
OkSt: Green5-83
7:30 PM Boxscore
Southern University 17@
Louisiana State 65
Sou: -
LSU: Nussmeier13/23-183
Sou: Sims15-79
LSU: Goodwin12-85
Sou: Pitre III1-11
LSU: Nabers3-81
7:30 PM Boxscore
McNeese State 10@
Rice 52
McNee: Kadum5/12-65
Rice: McMahon20/29-274
McNee: Durham8-55
Rice: Broussard17-71
McNee: Pierce3-37
Rice: Rozner3-101
7:30 PM Boxscore
Georgia Southern 45@
Nebraska 42
GaSo: Vantrease37/56-409
Neb: Thompson23/34-318
GaSo: Green10-132
Neb: Grant27-138
GaSo: Burgess12-119
Neb: Washington6-123
7:30 PM Boxscore
USC 41@
Stanford 28
USC: Williams20/27-341
Stan: McKee20/35-220
USC: Dye14-105
Stan: Smith19-88
USC: Addison7-172
Stan: Higgins3-50
7:30 PM Boxscore
San Jose State 16@
Auburn 24
SJSU: Cordeiro24/40-275
Aub: Finley13/20-167
SJSU: Robinson11-24
Aub: Ashford7-61
SJSU: Ross5-89
Aub: Johnson3-41
7:30 PM Boxscore
Idaho 22@
Indiana 35
Idaho: McCoy13/23-204
Ind: Bazelak16/29-197
Idaho: Johnson16-63
Ind: Shivers20-155
Idaho: Graves3-84
Ind: Barner3-57
8:00 PM Boxscore
Nicholls State 7@
Louisiana-Monroe 35
Nich: Granier26/42-231
ULMon: Rogers20/25-253
Nich: Gums9-35
ULMon: Rogers8-55
Nich: Negrotto2-43
ULMon: Luke3-72
8:00 PM Boxscore
Tarleton State 17@
Texas Christian 59
Tarl: Allen11/25-210
TCU: Duggan23/29-390
Tarl: Allen3-5
TCU: Miller13-56
Tarl: Smith4-92
TCU: Hudson5-76
8:00 PM Boxscore
Boston College 10@
Virginia Tech 27
BC: Jurkovec15/28-135
VaTec: Wells16/25-140
BC: Garwo III10-15
VaTec: King4-64
BC: Flowers4-79
VaTec: Smith3-50
8:00 PM Boxscore
Idaho State 7@
San Diego State 38
IdSt: Vander Waal2/5-84
SDSU: Burmeister15/26-108
IdSt: Hunter13-53
SDSU: Armstead5-96
IdSt: Dailey Jr.4-24
SDSU: Shavers3-36
8:00 PM Boxscore
Hawaii 10@
Michigan 56
Hawaii: Yellen13/36-113
Mich: McCarthy11/12-229
Hawaii: Hines8-75
Mich: Corum9-88
Hawaii: Phillips3-33
Mich: Bell6-76
8:00 PM Boxscore
Eastern Washington 14@
Oregon 70
EWa: Talkington12/21-87
Oreg: Nix28/33-277
EWa: Smith7-27
Oreg: Irving8-74
EWa: Roberson3-33
Oreg: Franklin10-84
8:30 PM Boxscore
New Mexico State 13@
Texas-El Paso 20
NMS: Pavia7/20-100
UTEP: Hardison12/27-153
NMS: Pavia15-69
UTEP: Awatt22-115
NMS: Thomas2-50
UTEP: Smith4-56
9:00 PM Boxscore
Baylor 20@
Brigham Young 26
Bayl: Shapen18/28-137
BYU: Hall23/39-261
Bayl: Williams17-68
BYU: Brooks13-31
Bayl: Presley3-31
BYU: Roberts8-122
10:15 PM Boxscore
Oregon State 35@
Fresno State 32
OreSt: Nolan14/27-219
Fres: Haener29/45-360
OreSt: Fenwick19-102
Fres: Mims21-122
OreSt: Musgrave5-80
Fres: Remigio6-100
10:30 PM Boxscore
Mississippi State 39@
Arizona 17
MisSt: Rogers39/48-313
Ariz: de Laura23/45-220
MisSt: Johnson11-60
Ariz: Wiley6-49
MisSt: Thomas5-63
Ariz: McMillan4-69
11:00 PM Boxscore

Week 3

Fri Sep 16, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Florida State 35@
Louisville 31
FlaSt: Travis13/17-157
Lou: Cunningham21/34-243
FlaSt: Ward10-126
Lou: Cunningham17-127
FlaSt: Wilson7-149
Lou: Huggins-Bruce3-61
7:30 PM Boxscore
Air Force 14@
Wyoming 17
AF: Daniels7/14-101
Wyo: Peasley18/23-162
AF: Eldridge13-104
Wyo: Swen19-102
AF: Harris2-45
Wyo: Cobbs6-45
8:00 PM Boxscore
Sat Sep 17, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Wofford 7@
Virginia Tech 27
Wof: Weirick14/20-161
VaTec: Wells26/35-314
Wof: Walker12-27
VaTec: Holston16-66
Wof: Parker5-98
VaTec: Blue4-61
11:00 AM Boxscore
Connecticut 0@
Michigan 59
UConn: Turner4/16-17
Mich: McCarthy15/18-214
UConn: Turner7-42
Mich: Corum12-71
UConn: Carter1-9
Mich: Bell7-96
12:00 PM Boxscore
Cincinnati 38@
Miami (OH) 17
Cin: Bryant26/35-337
MiaOH: Smith9/21-116
Cin: McClelland18-101
MiaOH: Davis7-30
Cin: Scott8-119
MiaOH: Hippenhammer4-62
12:00 PM Boxscore
Youngstown State 0@
Kentucky 31
YSU: Davidson2/3-14
KY: Levis27/35-377
YSU: Smith1-23
KY: Smoke18-66
YSU: Oliver2-40
KY: Key6-90
12:00 PM Boxscore
Texas State 7@
Baylor 42
TxSt: Hatcher24/36-186
Bayl: Shapen15/26-184
TxSt: Hill12-41
Bayl: Reese19-156
TxSt: Hawkins13-114
Bayl: Holmes3-46
12:00 PM Boxscore
Oklahoma 49@
Nebraska 14
Okla: Gabriel16/27-230
Neb: Thompson14/20-129
Okla: Gray11-113
Neb: Ervin7-60
Okla: Mims4-66
Neb: Palmer10-92
12:00 PM Boxscore
Villanova 10@
Army 49
Vill: Watkins12/21-74
Army: -
Vill: Watkins10-60
Army: Riley21-158
Vill: Pringle6-54
Army: -
12:00 PM Boxscore
Abilene Christian 17@
Missouri 34
Abil: McIvor19/32-199
MIZ: Cook22/31-297
Abil: Dobbins19-88
MIZ: Schrader10-54
Abil: Golightly3-50
MIZ: Lovett7-132
12:00 PM Boxscore
Georgia 48@
South Carolina 7
UGA: Bennett16/23-284
SCar: Rattler13/25-118
UGA: Bennett3-36
SCar: McDowell8-33
UGA: Bowers5-121
SCar: Brooks5-53
12:00 PM Boxscore
Long Island University 10@
Kent State 63
LIU: Green14/18-172
Kent: Schlee10/12-199
LIU: Bowen11-43
Kent: Cooper18-89
LIU: Glascoe5-101
Kent: Cephas4-75
12:00 PM Boxscore
Western Kentucky 30@
Indiana 33
W Ky: Reed33/43-329
Ind: -
W Ky: Robichaux14-135
Ind: Henderson11-65
W Ky: Corley8-77
Ind: Camper8-93
12:00 PM Boxscore
Southern Illinois 31@
Northwestern 24
SIU: Baker23/34-241
NW: Hilinski27/43-213
SIU: Williams Jr.10-55
NW: Hull25-124
SIU: Daniel2-65
NW: Washington4-76
12:00 PM Boxscore
Purdue 29@
Syracuse 32
Purd: O'Connell39/56-424
Syr: Shrader13/29-181
Purd: Downing10-22
Syr: Shrader17-83
Purd: Jones11-188
Syr: Gadsden6-112
12:00 PM Boxscore
Towson 7@
West Virginia 65
Tows: Pigrome7/14-59
WVU: Daniels16/24-174
Tows: Hunter3-11
WVU: Mathis Jr.17-104
Tows: James5-44
WVU: Braham5-60
1:00 PM Boxscore
Buffalo 26@
Coastal Carolina 38
Buff: Snyder29/48-264
CoCar: McCall16/24-251
Buff: Washington15-59
CoCar: Beasley9-89
Buff: Marshall8-88
CoCar: Pinckney5-103
1:00 PM Boxscore
Bucknell 0@
Central Michigan 41
Buck: -
C Mi: Richardson15/32-198
Buck: Bennett10-22
C Mi: Nichols III30-166
Buck: Harris3-20
C Mi: McGaughy4-69
1:00 PM Boxscore
Murray State 0@
Ball State 31
Murr: Brooks1/1-11
Ball: Paddock27/44-227
Murr: Dallas1-9
Ball: Steele25-141
Murr: Dallas2-27
Ball: Jackson6-64
2:00 PM Boxscore
South Alabama 31@
SoAl: Bradley26/36-237
UCLA: Thompson-Robinson20/30-263
SoAl: Webb16-124
UCLA: Charbonnet13-78
SoAl: Wayne7-76
UCLA: Bobo5-89
2:00 PM Boxscore
Rutgers 16@
Temple 14
Rut: Simon9/15-52
Temp: Warner19/32-215
Rut: Langan9-79
Temp: Saydee16-27
Rut: Cruickshank5-18
Temp: Sanders8-90
2:00 PM Boxscore
Ohio 10@
Iowa State 43
Ohio: Rourke20/33-194
IASt: Dekkers28/36-268
Ohio: McCormick7-43
IASt: Brock7-76
Ohio: Cross5-54
IASt: Hutchinson9-93
2:00 PM Boxscore
Old Dominion 14@
Virginia 16
OD: Wolff23/37-235
UVA: Armstrong20/37-284
OD: Watson21-70
UVA: Brown9-88
OD: Jennings7-97
UVA: Thompson9-118
2:00 PM Boxscore
California 17@
Notre Dame 24
Cal: Plummer16/37-184
ND: Pyne17/23-150
Cal: Brooks5-43
ND: Estime18-76
Cal: Hunter5-66
ND: Tyree5-44
2:30 PM Boxscore
North Texas 27@
NorTx: Aune17/29-305
UNLV: Brumfield21/27-211
NorTx: Adaway III14-73
UNLV: Robbins29-227
NorTx: Burns5-98
UNLV: White7-76
3:00 PM Boxscore
Tulane 17@
Kansas State 10
Tul: Pratt13/26-176
K St: Martinez21/31-150
Tul: Pratt13-87
K St: Vaughn20-81
Tul: Watts3-60
K St: Knowles5-52
3:00 PM Boxscore
Georgia Southern 21@
Alabama-Birmingham 35
GaSo: Vantrease24/50-204
UAB: Hopkins12/19-125
GaSo: White14-116
UAB: McBride28-223
GaSo: Burgess4-48
UAB: Davis1-36
3:30 PM Boxscore
Troy 28@
Appalachian State 32
Troy: Watson23/37-302
App: Brice22/34-284
Troy: Billingsley6-38
App: Peoples17-78
Troy: Stoudemire6-70
App: Horn5-98
3:30 PM Boxscore
Brigham Young 20@
Oregon 41
BYU: Hall29/41-305
Oreg: Nix13/18-222
BYU: Brooks10-28
Oreg: Irving14-97
BYU: Roberts4-60
Oreg: Franklin3-84
3:30 PM Boxscore
Colorado 7@
Minnesota 49
Colo: McCown4/7-52
MIN: Morgan11/16-157
Colo: Smith10-70
MIN: Ibrahim23-202
Colo: Jackson1-28
MIN: Autman-Bell3-58
3:30 PM Boxscore
Penn State 41@
Auburn 12
PSU: Clifford14/19-178
Aub: Finley11/19-152
PSU: Singleton10-124
Aub: Bigsby9-39
PSU: Strange6-80
Aub: Jackson4-76
3:30 PM Boxscore
Stony Brook 3@
Massachusetts 20
Stony: Zamot1/3-20
UMass: Campiotti10/15-90
Stony: Cook13-63
UMass: Merriweather20-76
Stony: Harris Jr.3-72
UMass: Johnson6-48
3:30 PM Boxscore
Mississippi 42@
Georgia Tech 0
Miss: Dart10/16-207
GATec: Sims18/32-161
Miss: Evans18-134
GATec: Hall8-27
Miss: Heath4-78
GATec: Rutherford4-52
3:30 PM Boxscore
New Mexico State 7@
Wisconsin 66
NMS: Frakes3/10-66
Wisc: Mertz12/15-251
NMS: Thomas9-46
Wisc: Allen15-86
NMS: Parker1-36
Wisc: Bell4-108
3:30 PM Boxscore
Vanderbilt 38@
Northern Illinois 28
Vand: Swann18/28-255
NIU: Hampton12/19-124
Vand: Davis23-116
NIU: Brown8-60
Vand: Sheppard10-171
NIU: Tucker4-88
3:30 PM Boxscore
Tennessee-Martin 7@
Boise State 30
UT-M: Winn13/23-104
Boise: Bachmeier18/25-204
UT-M: Wallace12-11
Boise: Holani24-110
UT-M: Dowell5-53
Boise: Caples4-48
4:00 PM Boxscore
Louisiana-Monroe 7@
Alabama 63
ULMon: Rogers11/21-96
Ala: Young13/18-236
ULMon: Jackson13-36
Ala: Williams8-58
ULMon: Rasmussen4-39
Ala: Gibbs4-65
4:00 PM Boxscore
Kansas 48@
Houston 30
Kans: Daniels14/23-158
Hou: Tune22/31-272
Kans: Daniels12-123
Hou: Tune16-63
Kans: Locklin1-60
Hou: Henry5-107
4:00 PM Boxscore
Colorado State 7@
Washington State 38
ColSt: Millen25/35-212
WaSt: Ward24/34-299
ColSt: Morrow8-28
WaSt: Watson8-74
ColSt: McCullouch4-57
WaSt: Ollie7-82
5:00 PM Boxscore
Marshall 31@
Bowling Green 34
Marsh: Colombi23/34-338
BGSU: McDonald27/45-282
Marsh: Laborn24-157
BGSU: Wimberly5-35
Marsh: Gammage7-100
BGSU: Hilaire4-79
5:00 PM Boxscore
Liberty 36@
Wake Forest 37
Lib: Salter19/34-256
Wake: Hartman26/44-325
Lib: Hunter18-93
Wake: Hartman8-11
Lib: Douglas7-124
Wake: Williams5-129
5:00 PM Boxscore
Mississippi State 16@
Louisiana State 31
MisSt: Rogers24/42-214
LSU: Daniels22/37-210
MisSt: Marks9-50
LSU: Daniels16-93
MisSt: Thomas4-67
LSU: Nabers6-76
6:00 PM Boxscore
Campbell 10@
East Carolina 49
Camp: Williams23/38-300
ECU: Ahlers17/20-263
Camp: Barr3-28
ECU: Mitchell13-185
Camp: Kelsey3-79
ECU: Winstead6-112
6:00 PM Boxscore
North Carolina A&T 20@
Duke 49
NCAT: Fowler8/14-89
Duke: Leonard11/12-155
NCAT: Cooke1-7
Duke: Leonard5-66
NCAT: Leslie3-43
Duke: Hagans2-48
6:00 PM Boxscore
Jacksonville State 17@
Tulsa 54
JacSt: McLaughlin3/6-47
Tuls: Brin27/35-424
JacSt: LaRoche15-67
Tuls: Jackson9-59
JacSt: Galban1-29
Tuls: Stokes9-153
7:00 PM Boxscore
Akron 6@
Tennessee 63
Akr: Irons32/44-241
Tenn: Hooker14/18-298
Akr: Norrils2-15
Tenn: Wright23-96
Akr: Jacques-Louis9-103
Tenn: Hyatt5-166
7:00 PM Boxscore
Northwestern State 10@
Southern Miss 64
NWSt: Clement16/33-214
SMiss: Keyes6/9-192
NWSt: Fallin4-1
SMiss: Gore Jr.7-82
NWSt: Jones1-50
SMiss: Caston6-94
7:00 PM Boxscore
Arkansas State 32@
Memphis 44
ArkSt: Blackman25/34-275
Mem: Henigan19/28-360
ArkSt: Snead13-66
Mem: Ducker10-76
ArkSt: Traore6-120
Mem: Rogers5-86
7:00 PM Boxscore
Texas Tech 14@
North Carolina State 27
TxTch: Smith21/36-214
NCSt: Leary15/23-121
TxTch: Thompson9-39
NCSt: Houston13-57
TxTch: Price4-50
NCSt: Sumo4-93
7:00 PM Boxscore
Charlotte 42@
Georgia State 41
Char: Reynolds31/43-401
GASt: Grainger22/34-343
Char: McEachern13-76
GASt: Gregg23-100
Char: Spencer5-96
GASt: Thrash10-213
7:00 PM Boxscore
Tennessee State 6@
Middle Tennessee 49
TnSt: Ellis12/18-96
MidTN: Cunningham20/24-216
TnSt: Garnett6-20
MidTN: Peasant13-122
TnSt: Holloman6-50
MidTN: Lane4-55
7:00 PM Boxscore
Missouri State 27@
Arkansas 38
MoStU: Shelley24/43-357
Ark: Jefferson19/31-385
MoStU: Wright14-37
Ark: Sanders22-167
MoStU: Latulas5-71
Ark: Landers7-123
7:00 PM Boxscore
Arkansas-Pine Bluff 7@
Oklahoma State 63
ArkPB: Perry11/27-70
OkSt: Sanders13/16-242
ArkPB: Perry6-11
OkSt: Gordon3-65
ArkPB: Williams4-21
OkSt: Johnson4-86
7:00 PM Boxscore
Toledo 21@
Ohio State 77
Toled: Finn10/19-153
OSU: Stroud22/27-367
Toled: Finn7-70
OSU: Hayden17-108
Toled: Zsiros1-50
OSU: Egbuka7-116
7:00 PM Boxscore
Nevada 0@
Iowa 27
NEV: Illingworth14/28-82
Iowa: Petras14/26-175
NEV: Lee9-33
Iowa: Johnson7-103
NEV: Campbell3-21
Iowa: Ragaini2-56
7:30 PM Boxscore
Southern Methodist 27@
Maryland 34
SMU: Mordecai29/54-369
MD: Tagovailoa17/23-214
SMU: Siggers19-86
MD: Hemby16-151
SMU: Rice11-193
MD: Jarrett2-65
7:30 PM Boxscore
Central Florida 40@
Florida Atlantic 14
UCF: Plumlee25/36-339
FlAtl: Perry13/29-108
UCF: Plumlee20-121
FlAtl: McCammon III11-91
UCF: Holler3-115
FlAtl: Edrine2-47
7:30 PM Boxscore
Pittsburgh 34@
Western Michigan 13
Pitt: Yarnell9/12-179
WestMI: Salopek6/18-99
Pitt: Abanikanda31-133
WestMI: Jefferson7-35
Pitt: Wayne3-94
WestMI: Sambucci1-44
7:30 PM Boxscore
South Florida 28@
Florida 31
SoFL: Bohanon12/28-116
Fla: Richardson10/18-112
SoFL: Battie17-150
Fla: Johnson6-103
SoFL: Weaver8-82
Fla: Shorter2-33
7:30 PM Boxscore
Louisiana-Lafayette 21@
Rice 33
ULLaf: Wooldridge6/14-76
Rice: McMahon25/36-303
ULLaf: Smith6-39
Rice: Broussard19-49
ULLaf: Jefferson5-53
Rice: McCaffrey10-105
7:30 PM Boxscore
Maine 17@
Boston College 38
Maine: Fagnano21/43-289
BC: Jurkovec25/37-320
Maine: Banks6-34
BC: Garwo III17-78
Maine: Bowman3-34
BC: Flowers8-89
7:30 PM Boxscore
Michigan State 28@
Washington 39
MSU: Thorne30/42-323
Wash: Penix Jr.24/40-397
MSU: Berger13-27
Wash: Davis17-69
MSU: Coleman9-116
Wash: Polk6-153
7:30 PM Boxscore
Louisiana Tech 20@
Clemson 48
LT: McNeil23/42-311
Clem: Uiagalelei17/29-221
LT: Thornton4-9
Clem: Shipley12-139
LT: Hebert5-122
Clem: Williams2-57
8:00 PM Boxscore
UTSA 20@
Texas 41
UTSA: Harris24/35-222
Tex: Card15/23-161
UTSA: Brady21-70
Tex: Robinson20-183
UTSA: Franklin6-84
Tex: Whittington4-56
8:00 PM Boxscore
Montana State 28@
Oregon State 68
MonSt: Mellott9/18-101
OreSt: Nolan19/25-276
MonSt: Mellott18-135
OreSt: Fenwick9-63
MonSt: Snell1-27
OreSt: Harrison8-133
8:00 PM Boxscore
Texas-El Paso 10@
New Mexico 27
UTEP: Hardison19/44-280
NM: Kendrick13/19-111
UTEP: Awatt8-35
NM: Jones21-83
UTEP: Smith8-183
NM: Wysong5-37
8:00 PM Boxscore
Miami (FL) 9@
Texas A&M 17
MiaFL: Van Dyke21/41-217
TxAM: Johnson10/20-140
MiaFL: Parrish Jr.16-85
TxAM: Achane18-88
MiaFL: Mallory6-56
TxAM: Smith4-74
9:00 PM Boxscore
San Diego State 7@
Utah 35
SDSU: Crum5/16-53
Utah: Rising18/30-224
SDSU: Armstead5-31
Utah: Thomas16-59
SDSU: Nicholson2-23
Utah: Kuithe5-64
10:00 PM Boxscore
Fresno State 17@
USC 45
Fres: Fife11/12-140
USC: Williams25/37-284
Fres: Mims15-114
USC: Jones12-110
Fres: Brooks6-89
USC: Williams6-77
10:30 PM Boxscore
North Dakota State 28@
Arizona 31
NDSU: Miller10/12-124
Ariz: de Laura20/28-229
NDSU: Luepke18-115
Ariz: Wiley9-51
NDSU: Luepke3-65
Ariz: Singer6-88
11:00 PM Boxscore
Eastern Michigan 30@
Arizona State 21
E Mi: Powell10/14-93
AzSt: Jones20/32-182
E Mi: Evans36-258
AzSt: Valladay16-127
E Mi: Knue3-53
AzSt: Badger7-88
11:00 PM Boxscore
Duquesne 14@
Hawaii 24
Duq: Mischler-133
Hawaii: Yellen-86
Duq: Lucas-70
Hawaii: Parson-58
Duq: Menders-62
Hawaii: Scott-53
12:00 AM Boxscore

Week 4

Thu Sep 22, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Coastal Carolina 41@
Georgia State 24
CoCar: McCall19/27-268
GASt: Grainger14/25-231
CoCar: Beasley25-142
GASt: Carroll8-39
CoCar: Brown5-129
GASt: Lewis2-82
7:30 PM Boxscore
West Virginia 33@
Virginia Tech 10
WVU: Daniels20/30-203
VaTec: Wells16/35-193
WVU: Donaldson23-106
VaTec: Holston4-18
WVU: Prather6-69
VaTec: Smith5-70
7:30 PM Boxscore
Chattanooga 0@
Illinois 31
Chat: Hutchinson6/18-49
Ill: DeVito24/32-332
Chat: Ford18-92
Ill: Brown20-108
Chat: Arnett3-32
Ill: Bryant7-115
8:30 PM Boxscore
Fri Sep 23, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Virginia 20@
Syracuse 22
UVA: Armstrong19/38-138
Syr: Shrader22/33-277
UVA: Jones13-87
Syr: Tucker21-60
UVA: Thompson8-55
Syr: Gadsden7-113
7:00 PM Boxscore
Nevada 20@
Air Force 48
NEV: Cox12/20-130
AF: Brittain1/1-80
NEV: Taua7-73
AF: Roberts20-123
NEV: Bell3-65
AF: Cormier1-80
8:00 PM Boxscore
Boise State 10@
Texas-El Paso 27
Boise: Bachmeier13/34-93
UTEP: Hardison10/11-123
Boise: Holani16-75
UTEP: Hankins21-86
Boise: Caples4-32
UTEP: Ballard4-64
9:00 PM Boxscore
Sat Sep 24, 2022
Results Pass Leaders Rush Leaders Rec Leaders Time (EDT) Game Info
Duke 27@
Kansas 35
Duke: Leonard24/35-324
Kans: Daniels19/23-324
Duke: Leonard10-54
Kans: Daniels11-83
Duke: Calhoun5-93
Kans: Arnold4-84
12:00 PM Boxscore
Baylor 31@
Iowa State 24
Bayl: Shapen19/26-238
IASt: Dekkers23/36-284
Bayl: Reese21-78
IASt: Brock14-73
Bayl: Holmes3-92
IASt: Noel7-120
12:00 PM Boxscore
Missouri 14@
Auburn 17
MIZ: Cook14/24-179
Aub: Ashford12/18-127
MIZ: Peat20-110
Aub: Ashford15-46
MIZ: Lovett5-102
Aub: Moore4-74
12:00 PM Boxscore
Maryland 27@
Michigan 34
MD: Tagovailoa20/30-207
Mich: McCarthy18/26-220
MD: Hemby16-48
Mich: Corum30-243
MD: Dyches3-60
Mich: Schoonmaker7-72
12:00 PM Boxscore
Rhode Island 24@
Pittsburgh 45
URI: -
Pitt: Slovis20/27-189
URI: Sloat1--8
Pitt: Abanikanda19-177
URI: Summers4-55
Pitt: Mumpfield5-42
12:00 PM Boxscore
Texas Christian 42@
Southern Methodist 34
TCU: Duggan22/29-278
SMU: Mordecai27/49-372
TCU: Miller17-142
SMU: Siggers19-60
TCU: Davis3-78
SMU: Bailey8-163
12:00 PM Boxscore
Buffalo 50@
Eastern Michigan 31
Buff: Snyder20/29-297
E Mi: Smith12/19-190
Buff: Cook Jr.19-92
E Mi: Smith12-74
Buff: Williams6-99
E Mi: Knue3-106
12:00 PM Boxscore
South Florida 3@
Louisville 41
SoFL: Bohanon9/17-62
Lou: Cunningham14/22-186
SoFL: Powell8-45
Lou: Cunningham9-113
SoFL: Terry4-38
Lou: Huggins-Bruce5-56
12:00 PM Boxscore
Central Michigan 14@
Penn State 33
C Mi: Richardson26/45-235
PSU: Clifford22/34-217
C Mi: Nichols III13-67
PSU: Allen13-111
C Mi: Carriere11-111
PSU: Washington6-64
12:00 PM Boxscore
Clemson 51@
Wake Forest 45
Clem: Uiagalelei26/41-371
Wake: Hartman20/29-337
Clem: Shipley20-104
Wake: Ellison21-73
Clem: Ngata4-84
Wake: Banks6-141
12:00 PM Boxscore
Bowling Green 14@
Mississippi State 45
BGSU: Orth17/28-172
MisSt: Rogers39/50-409
BGSU: Jennings6-28
MisSt: Johnson4-57
BGSU: Fannin5-49
MisSt: Ducking7-96
12:00 PM Boxscore
Kent State 22@
Georgia 39
Kent: Schlee14/21-174
UGA: Bennett27/36-272
Kent: Cooper21-90
UGA: Bowers2-77
Kent: Walker7-106
UGA: McConkey6-65
12:00 PM Boxscore
Fordham 52@
Ohio 59
Ford: DeMorat27/35-503
Ohio: Rourke41/50-537
Ford: Sneed19-88
Ohio: McCormick17-62
Ford: Kokosioulis13-320
Ohio: Jones6-104
2:00 PM Boxscore
UCLA 45@
Colorado 17
UCLA: Thompson-Robinson19/23-234
Colo: McCown26/42-258
UCLA: Charbonnet9-104
Colo: Offerdahl14-47
UCLA: Bobo4-53
Colo: Arias4-82
2:00 PM Boxscore
Massachusetts 0@
Temple 28
UMass: Campiotti7/14-36
Temp: Warner11/22-173
UMass: Merriweather8-53
Temp: Patterson II10-52
UMass: Sullivan-Brown5-46
Temp: Sanders4-101
2:00 PM Boxscore
North Texas 34@
Memphis 44
NorTx: Aune27/49-371
Mem: Henigan19/29-141
NorTx: Adaway III12-46
Mem: Thomas15-84
NorTx: Smart5-82
Mem: Drake3-41
3:30 PM Boxscore
Florida 33@
Tennessee 38
Fla: Richardson24/44-453
Tenn: Hooker22/28-349
Fla: Richardson17-62
Tenn: Hooker13-112
Fla: Shorter7-155
Tenn: McCoy5-102
3:30 PM Boxscore
Minnesota 34@
Michigan State 7
MIN: Morgan23/26-268
MSU: Thorne17/24-132
MIN: Ibrahim22-103
MSU: Broussard6-23
MIN: Brown-Stephens6-73
MSU: McDonald3-31
3:30 PM Boxscore
James Madison 32@
Appalachian State 28
JMU: Centeio17/29-209
App: Brice17/28-235
JMU: Centeio17-88
App: Marshall8-40
JMU: Brown4-81
App: Davis4-77
3:30 PM Boxscore
Notre Dame 45@
North Carolina 32
ND: Pyne24/34-289
UNC: Maye17/32-301
ND: Estime17-134
UNC: Maye13-36
ND: Mayer7-88
UNC: Green3-150
3:30 PM Boxscore
Middle Tennessee 45@
Miami (FL) 31
MidTN: Cunningham16/25-408
MiaFL: Garcia10/19-169
MidTN: Peasant19-74
MiaFL: Parrish Jr.14-57
MidTN: England-Chisolm2-169
MiaFL: Smith4-81
3:30 PM Boxscore
Florida International 0@
Western Kentucky 73
FLInt: James13/22-85
W Ky: Reed30/35-381
FLInt: Joseph14-31
W Ky: Sanders4-73
FLInt: Jefferson4-27
W Ky: Corley3-123
3:30 PM Boxscore
Texas Southern 24@
TxSo: -
UTSA: Harris20/31-392
TxSo: Howard12-88
UTSA: Brady14-49
TxSo: Morton4-68
UTSA: Clark9-217
3:30 PM Boxscore
Indiana 24@
Cincinnati 45
Ind: Bazelak31/66-280
Cin: Bryant24/40-354
Ind: Shivers19-79
Cin: McClelland9-25
Ind: Camper10-126
Cin: Scott10-185
3:30 PM Boxscore
Texas 34@
Texas Tech 37
Tex: Card20/30-277
TxTch: Smith38/56-331
Tex: Robinson16-103
TxTch: Thompson17-70
Tex: Whittington4-53
TxTch: Price13-98
3:30 PM Boxscore
Toledo 14@
San Diego State 17
Toled: Finn21/34-240
SDSU: Burmeister13/24-65
Toled: Stuart14-54
SDSU: Byrd16-115
Toled: Blankumsee8-112
SDSU: Shaw2-21
3:30 PM Boxscore
Oregon 44@
Washington State 41
Oreg: Nix33/44-428
WaSt: Ward37/48-375
Oreg: Irving11-81
WaSt: Watson12-36
Oreg: Franklin5-137
WaSt: Bell6-84
4:00 PM Boxscore
Sacramento State 41@
Colorado State 10
SacSt: Dunniway12/23-164
ColSt: Fowler-Nicolosi6/15-116
SacSt: Fulcher6-45
ColSt: Vivens10-31
SacSt: Clayton2-35
ColSt: Horton3-127
4:00 PM Boxscore
Georgia Tech 10@
Central Florida 27
GATec: Sims21/32-314
UCF: Plumlee8/16-49
GATec: Hall7-54
UCF: Plumlee16-100
GATec: Carter3-89
UCF: Bowser1-22
4:00 PM Boxscore
Tulsa 27@
Mississippi 35
Tuls: Brin7/13-112
Miss: Dart13/24-154
Tuls: Jackson8-77
Miss: Judkins27-140
Tuls: Epps4-62
Miss: Heath4-75
4:00 PM Boxscore
Arizona 31@
California 49
Ariz: de Laura27/45-401
Cal: Plummer18/28-245
Ariz: Wiley14-79
Cal: Ott19-274
Ariz: Cowing7-133
Cal: Hunter5-82
5:30 PM Boxscore
Ball State 23@
Georgia Southern 34
Ball: Paddock33/47-338
GaSo: Vantrease26/39-310
Ball: Steele22-104
GaSo: White15-69
Ball: Jackson10-122
GaSo: Burgess5-133
6:00 PM Boxscore
Arkansas State 26@
Old Dominion 29
ArkSt: Blackman23/35-285
OD: Wolff19/32-279
ArkSt: Mayer7-46
OD: Wicks9-36
ArkSt: Foreman4-115
OD: Jennings4-140
6:00 PM Boxscore
Navy 23@
East Carolina 20
Navy: Lavatai7/10-152
ECU: Ahlers22/34-267
Navy: Haywood13-67
ECU: Harris15-75
Navy: Terrell II3-114
ECU: Winstead11-143
6:00 PM Boxscore
Rice 27@
Houston 34
Rice: McMahon25/39-334
Hou: Tune19/26-249
Rice: Campbell1-34
Hou: Henry17-112
Rice: Rozner5-123
Hou: Dell7-134
6:00 PM Boxscore
Akron 12@
Liberty 21
Akr: Irons29/52-269
Lib: Bennett13/27-152
Akr: Wiley12-52
Lib: Hunter18-118
Akr: George11-93
Lib: Lofton4-47
6:00 PM Boxscore
Southern Miss 27@
Tulane 24
SMiss: Wilcke17/25-194
Tul: Pratt19/29-247
SMiss: Gore Jr.16-44
Tul: Spears22-114
SMiss: Caston8-91
Tul: Spears5-74
7:00 PM Boxscore
UNLV 34@
Utah State 24
UNLV: Brumfield21/31-217
UtSt: Bonner20/31-246
UNLV: Robbins28-81
UtSt: Tyler Jr.15-54
UNLV: Weimer5-57
UtSt: McGriff6-103
7:00 PM Boxscore
Northern Illinois 23@
Kentucky 31
NIU: Hampton13/25-196
KY: Levis18/26-303
NIU: Waylee18-63
KY: Smoke12-85
NIU: Rutkiewicz1-63
KY: Robinson7-147
7:00 PM Boxscore
Arkansas 21@
Texas A&M 23
Ark: Jefferson12/19-171
TxAM: Johnson11/21-151
Ark: Jefferson18-105
TxAM: Achane19-159
Ark: Thompson2-57
TxAM: Green3-50
7:00 PM Boxscore
Louisiana Tech 14@
South Alabama 38
LT: McNeil19/34-251
SoAl: Bradley14/21-178
LT: Garner7-51
SoAl: Webb14-75
LT: Harris6-85
SoAl: Lacy3-40
7:00 PM Boxscore
Marshall 7@
Troy 16
Marsh: Colombi8/13-49
Troy: Watson15/25-321
Marsh: Laborn30-118
Troy: Billingsley14-85
Marsh: McMillan3-37
Troy: Johnson2-121
7:00 PM Boxscore
Iowa 27@
Rutgers 10
Iowa: Petras11/17-148
Rut: Simon28/49-300
Iowa: Williams11-64
Rut: Brown6-34
Iowa: LaPorta4-77
Rut: Jones5-71
7:00 PM Boxscore
Houston Baptist 0@
Texas State 34
HBU: Fomby23/36-103
TxSt: Hatcher27/41-362
HBU: Smith9-24
TxSt: Pare19-84
HBU: Harrell2-26
TxSt: Barbee6-112
7:00 PM Boxscore
Wisconsin 21@
Ohio State 52
Wisc: Mertz11/20-94
OSU: Stroud17/27-281
Wisc: Allen23-165
OSU: Henderson21-121
Wisc: Bell4-55
OSU: Egbuka6-118
7:30 PM Boxscore
Charlotte 20@
South Carolina 56
Char: Reynolds16/28-143
SCar: Rattler17/23-187
Char: Byrd9-33
SCar: Lloyd15-169
Char: Dubose4-60
SCar: Brooks3-67
7:30 PM Boxscore
Miami (OH) 17@
Northwestern 14
MiaOH: Smith7/19-62
NW: Hilinski24/42-232
MiaOH: Mozee21-171
NW: Hull21-62
MiaOH: Hippenhammer2-20
NW: Washington8-81
7:30 PM Boxscore
Vanderbilt 3@
Alabama 55
Vand: Swann13/26-115
Ala: Young25/36-385
Vand: Griffin Jr.3-19
Ala: McClellan11-78
Vand: Sheppard3-52
Ala: Brooks6-117
7:30 PM Boxscore
Connecticut 10@
North Carolina State 41
UConn: Turner10/12-39
NCSt: Leary32/44-320
UConn: Rosa6-43
NCSt: Allen10-66
UConn: Houston3-22
NCSt: Thomas5-115
7:30 PM Boxscore
Florida Atlantic 26@
Purdue 28
FlAtl: Perry18/30-230
Purd: Burton21/29-166
FlAtl: Perry13-93
Purd: Downing15-113
FlAtl: Wester9-90
Purd: Jones9-59
7:30 PM Boxscore
New Mexico 0@
Louisiana State 38
NM: Kendrick4/6-51
LSU: Daniels24/29-279
NM: Jones8-33
LSU: Cain11-94
NM: Hullaby1-38
LSU: Nabers6-65
7:30 PM Boxscore
Louisiana-Lafayette 17@
Louisiana-Monroe 21
ULLaf: Fields20/34-231
ULMon: Rogers14/26-192
ULLaf: Smith10-41
ULMon: Henry11-123
ULLaf: Jefferson5-105
ULMon: Howell3-124
8:00 PM Boxscore
Kansas State 41@
Oklahoma 34
K St: Martinez21/34-234
Okla: Gabriel26/39-330
K St: Martinez21-148
Okla: Gray16-114
K St: Sinnott4-80
Okla: Mims4-87
8:00 PM Boxscore
Boston College 14@
Florida State 44
BC: Jurkovec15/23-105
FlaSt: Travis16/26-321
BC: Coleman5-44
FlaSt: Benson10-78
BC: Flowers7-45
FlaSt: Williamson5-98
8:00 PM Boxscore
Hawaii 26@
New Mexico State 45
Hawaii: Schager22/39-261
NMS: Frakes8/14-81
Hawaii: Parson16-69
NMS: Thomas11-144
Hawaii: Phillips8-138
NMS: Powers2-47
8:00 PM Boxscore
USC 17@
Oregon State 14
USC: Williams16/36-180
OreSt: Nolan17/29-167
USC: Dye19-133
OreSt: Griffin12-84
USC: Washington6-67
OreSt: Lindsey5-44
9:30 PM Boxscore
Wyoming 24@
Brigham Young 38
Wyo: Peasley14/27-154
BYU: Hall26/32-337
Wyo: Swen20-78
BYU: Davis13-131
Wyo: Cobbs4-64
BYU: Hill5-160
10:15 PM Boxscore
Stanford 22@
Washington 40
Stan: McKee17/26-286
Wash: Penix Jr.22/37-309
Stan: Filkins20-100
Wash: Taulapapa13-120
Stan: Wilson6-176
Wash: Odunze8-161
10:30 PM Boxscore
Utah 34@
Arizona State 13
Utah: Rising19/29-260
AzSt: Jones21/36-261
Utah: Thomas11-60
AzSt: Valladay8-30
Utah: Yassmin1-72
AzSt: Badger5-76
10:30 PM Boxscore
Western Michigan 6@
San Jose State 34
WestMI: Hrabowski4/8-56
SJSU: Cordeiro17/28-250
WestMI: Tyler18-66
SJSU: Robinson13-81
WestMI: Crooms1-39
SJSU: Lockhart4-116
10:30 PM Boxscore