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Sign up for a Premium Commissioner League and enjoy all of the above features and much more! We are so confident you won't be disappointed, you don't have to pay until 3 weeks into the start of the season for whichever sport your league is in. And for your convenience, each team member can pay his or her share by credit card or Paypal on the site.

Premium Features

Advanced Injured Reserve Removal: This advanced version of the free feature (transactions lock with no grace period) allows extra flexibility in enforcing the removal of injured players, such as specifying the number of periods managers are allowed to keep a healthy player in their IR slot, making rosters illegal, automatically dropping the player, etc., all described in the league setup.

Enhanced Draft Pick Trading: Draft picks for any number of future seasons can be traded just like players. Picks can be traded for players, as well as for other picks. For example, you can trade your 2nd round pick in 2013 for another team's 1st round pick in 2014, or for a player on another team. The system will automatically track these picks from year to year. Other configuration options are also available, such as limiting the number of rounds as well as future years.

Allow Illegal Rosters: Your league has the option to allow illegal rosters, meaning teams can violate your league's roster restrictions and thus accumulate no stats/points during those periods if the roster is not legalized prior to the lineup change deadline. You have the option to NEVER enforce illegal rosters, ALWAYS enforce illegal rosters, or only enforce illegal rosters for the TOTAL MAX PLAYERS restriction. Standard leagues only allow the "ALWAYS" option.

Advanced FA/WW Claim/Drop Options: This includes several unique and highly sought-after features, including:

  • Advanced Pending Claim/Bid Controls
    This option gives team managers much greater flexibility in creating and managing pending claims and bids, such as Waiver Wire claims and Free Agent bids. With this option, managers can claim or bid on multiple players and separate them into contingency groups, prioritize claims within each group, and choose the maximum number of possible successful claims allowed within each group.

  • Advanced Free Agent Bidding Options
    A set of options that offers greater flexibility in the way free agent bidding is handled, such as the ability to show the highest pending bids, which teams made those bids, and more.

  • Lock Dropped Players
    This option allows you to prevent all dropped players from being claimed until the following period. This is useful if your league does not use waivers but you still want to give a fair chance to all managers to claim a player that has been dropped, thus helping to avoid collusion.

  • Prevent Claims for Injured Players
    This option allows you to prevent injured players from being claimed. It is especially useful if your league allows a large maximum of Injured Reserve slots, in order to prevent managers from hoarding injured players into those slots.

  • Force Drop for each Claim
    Never allow a claim without a drop.

  • Pending Claims viewable by Commissioner Or All Managers
    Allows customization of the who can view pending claims, including Commissioner Only or All Managers in addition to the standard.

  • Prevent Waiver Churning
    Prevents managers from claiming and quickly dropping players in order to make those players harder or impossible to claim for some managers. Using this feature will cause players claimed and dropped within the same period to bypass waivers and be immediately claimable.

Player Contracts: This feature includes a very advanced and completely automated contract system (including the ability to set a contract option year and extend contracts), as well as the capability to create and manage your own custom contracts. Examples of other features (for both automated and custom contracts) include being able to assign a cap hit penalty per contract type, and determining what happens to a contract when a player is dropped.

League Insurance: Your league will always be protected. It will be backed up on our system every day, from the time your league has been fully paid for. Should the Commissioner ever make a mistake that cannot be corrected (like mistakenly undoing a draft), or for whatever reason you want, we will restore your entire league for you to any date upon request.

Custom Lineup Periods: Allows greater flexibility in the length of the lineup periods in the league. For example, they can be semi-weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or you can customize each period indivually and make each one any length.

Advanced Draft Options: This feature currently includes 2 features: First, the ability to auto-skip draft picks when the countdown timer runs out, mostly used for long drafts in keeper/dynasty leagues. Second, the ability to prevent minor leaguers from being drafted. Other features will be added to this in the near future.

Custom (non-Weekly/Daily) Scoring Periods: Allows the length of the scoring periods in the league to be daily, semi-weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and coming soon, to set any period(s) to be any length. This is only applicable to head-to-head leagues. A "Scoring Period" is the time interval in which totals are calculated to determine winners for that period.

Advanced Player Pool Options: Extra options to automate the management of the Player Pool ("Player Universe"), such as filtering out unsigned players, allowing players to continue to accrue stats if traded outside of the pool.

Custom Columns: Allows the commissioner to define, populate, and order any number of extra columns that appear in the team roster page next to each player. The values are assignable for the entire season or per period.

Salary/Contract Converter: The Commissioner can convert all player salaries up or down by any value or percentage. Salaries and contracts can also be converted from any particular salary/contract to another of the Commissioner's choosing.

Player Spreadsheet Import: Allows the commissioner to export a spreadsheet with all players, then delete players as needed, tweak the positions, salaries, etc., and then import it with a single click and all changes in the spreadsheet will transfer to the league.

Restrict Min. Active per Position: Allows the enforcement of a minimum number of active players for each roster position in the league.

Prize Management System: A set of options that allows the Commissioner to award several types of prizes for any length of time throughout the course of the season. For example, a prize of $20 can be awarded to the team with the most points every week, and $10 to the team with the 2nd most points. And/or a prize of $50 can be awarded to the team who wins the most weeks throughout the course of the season. That just scratches the surface of what this feature can do!

Duplicate Player Leagues: This feature allows any player to exist on multiple fantasy teams. This is often used for but not restricted to Salary Cap leagues. You can allow as many duplicate players as you wish, across the entire league, or within each division.

Minor League Eligibility Options: Allows you to determine when players are eligible for the Minors slot, based on various criteria such as age and career games played.

Auto Player Salary Generation: Automatically generate salaries for every player in your league with 1 click. This can be based on real-life salaries, cap-hits, or our proprietary system which takes into account your league's rules (including the scoring system and roster setup). For the latter configuration, you can set it to periodically and automatically recalculate salaries throughout the season.

More than 24 teams in the league: Your league may have more than 24 teams, which is the maximum for free leagues

Priority Commissioner Support: Commissioners' emails to Fantrax Support will be given priority over users without priority customer support. This feature is automatically enabled for all premium leagues once full payment has been made.

Advanced Stat Min/Max Roster Restrictions: This option allows greater flexibility beyond the usual "minimum" and "maximum" stat restrictions for fantasy teams. With this option, restrictions can be set for minimum number of games played, maximum games played for each individual position separately (i.e. can be different for each position), for full-season and head-to-head leagues, and much more.

Multiple Teams per Manager: A person can own more than one team in a league, as opposed to a "standard" league, where a person can own only one team per league.

Rookie Roster Settings: Allows roster restrictions to be configured that force managers to have a minimum and/or maximum number of rookies for any position or groups of positions.

Player Salaries: Allows each player to have a salary, and fantasy teams to have a salary cap, with tons of options to customize the behaviour for when salaries change, exceeding the cap, etc. Also included is auto salary generation based on your league's settings, and depending on the sport, real player salaries and/or cap hits. Salaries can also be entered manually on the site, or imported via spreadsheet.

Custom Stat Correction Handling: This feature allows the commissioner to adjust the settings by which stat corrections are handled, as well as override any stat for any player for any game.

Custom/Specialized Scoring Categories: These are specialized scoring categories that cannot be found elsewhere, plus you can create any custom scoring category you like. The ones already in the system have the yellow Premium icon beside them in the League Setup Scoring screen.

Specialized Positions: These are specialized roster positions that cannot be found elsewhere, including ones requested by our users.